Conditioning diet of cancer patients

By | November 14, 2011

The tumor itself needs to consume a large amount of nutrients, causing the body to reduce intake of normal cells, and patients with mental stress, depression, bowel dysfunction caused by thunder, but also to loss of appetite, reduced nutrient uptake; lung cancer will lead to the relevant organs dysfunction, affecting nutrient intake; cancer patients radiotherapy, chemotherapy reactions such as vomiting, can cause loss of body nutritional quality kiss, inadequate intake. So cancer patients are usually malnourished, the government need to strengthen the quality of nutritional intake to kiss, to strengthen health and improve immunity, increase resistance to disease.
Some people think that cancer patients to increase dietary nutrient conditioning may encourage cancer growth, expand and increase the amount transferred to the opportunity, this is a very one-sided view, is not young any scientific basis. Cancer patients can be like normal people, if not more nutrition will cause malnutrition and reduce the body's immune system, the rehabilitation of severely affected patients. On the contrary, increasing the nutrient can improve the body's malnutrition, improve the body's immune system, so that the body's cancer-fighting ability can be improved. Therefore, during the treatment of cancer patients, with high nutrition is beneficial. Nutritional intake by cancer patients will benefit more than cancer to benefit the body, what is foreign has the anti-cancer nutritional therapy is an important part of the plan.
But some people think that cancer patients should eat a nourishing diet Conditioning, this view is wrong. Although cancer means need to be nutritious, but the erosion of human cancer in the process of seriously undermining the function of various organs of the body, so ignorant of the patients felt loss, loss of appetite, poor digestion can be cut, resulting in loss of appetite, nutrient absorption end metabolism disorder , then to the patient if the reimbursing of eating turtle, sea cucumber, which are not easy to digest nourishing foods, not only can not digest and absorb, but also edge digestion and absorption re-functional gastrointestinal disorders, and further increase the anorexia is indeed the "haste makes waste "must be properly placed into the cancer patients, Aberdeen, dietary conditioning.

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