Common side effects of chemotherapy – lung toxicity

By | March 27, 2012

Common side effects of chemotherapy – chemotherapy drugs lung toxicity and lung injury can be divided into three kinds: permeability pulmonary edema, pulmonary eosinophil infiltration and interstitial pneumonia (pulmonary fibrosis), which mainly interstitial pneumonia is more common. Pathology showed diffuse alveolar dysfunction (DAD), inflammatory cell infiltration, vascular endothelial damage, interstitial edema, and eventually to pulmonary fibrosis, or even forced respiratory syndrome. Clinical symptoms are: multiple, common sub-acute, fever, cough, the breathing difficulties, heart rate, tachycardia, chest auscultation and lungs could be heard under the small display rales, blood gas analysis hypoxemia and respiratory alkalosis is , x-ray changes, see the typical interstitial lung, or pleural effusion, or nodular disease.
Common side effects of chemotherapy – lung toxicity, even if asymptomatic, but also through the early detection of X-ray examination, in addition to anti-cancer drugs can cause pulmonary toxicity, there are risk factors following 3 points: lung infections; cancer the invasion of normal lung tissue; chemotherapy treatment resulted in non-lung damage. Therefore, the recognition of lung toxicity reasons, many consider the analysis of pulmonary toxicity of chemotherapy drugs specific reaction. CPT 11 and Taxol is a cancer chemotherapy induced lung toxicity of chemotherapy drugs on behalf of lung-specific toxicity with other chemotherapy drugs will occur the same interstitial pulmonary fibrosis, the mechanism is unclear. Mas called the reports, advanced non-small cell lung Xi, 16 cases a week with CPT–l1100mg/mz static point, there will be 13% WH03-level pulmonary toxicity, one of 11 Japanese clinical pulmonary toxicity observed CPT about 2.66% (10/376 .) Hormone treatment results are poor, while inhibition of blood, diarrhea and other serious side effects, risk of interstitial pneumonitis, pulmonary fibrosis in disabled CPT-II. Pulmonary toxicity is mainly an allergic reaction, the performance of breathing difficulties, reduced airway tube twins, and another interstitial pneumonia occurred. Cross back to the report, paclitaxel 210mg/mz static points, 1 case of allergy in 60 cases, 4 cases of interstitial pneumonia.
Common side effects of chemotherapy – Inhibition of pulmonary toxicity and also prone to blood, treatment did not put drugs, mainly by the adrenal cortex hormone therapy, its efficacy varies, but the prognosis is poor. Mild interstitial fibrosis, inflammatory cell infiltration mainly in the case of hormone therapy is better, fibrosis have been formed, hormone therapy poorly, so IN to prevention. Once the symptoms of lung toxicity of chemotherapy drugs to disable. Chinese medicine in the treatment of chemotherapy drug-induced lung toxicity play an important role, commonly used therapies for the benefit, Yin, heat lungs, blood circulation of the mark. Optional Yangyinqingfei medicine pills, Joan cream, Salvia preparations. Decoction used littoralis 12 – 15g, Ophiopogon japonicus, a hundred servants, white go 9 – 12g, Angelica, Peucedanum 9 – 11g, Almond 6 – 9g, paeonol 9 – 12g, Codonopsis 6 – -9g, fried dried tangerine peel 6 – 9g, the Ling 6 – 9g, Yoshimasa Ren 15_30g. Chest tightness or even, add melon wilt skin 12_15g, cover flowers (cloth) 9g; cough very, shortness of breath, cough who want to increase urine incense 3g (study of water blunt).

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