Classification of antineoplastic medicine management

By | April 26, 2012

Antitumor and Classification of Chinese medicine, cancer is a chronic disease, a longer period of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation of cancer patients, their goal is to improve the body's immunity, clearing the remnants of tumor cells in vivo may prevent recurrence and metastasis, to help the body to restore health. Chinese medicine treatment of cancer of the features and functions that, it is very suitable for rehabilitation of cancer patients.
Classification of anti-tumor Pharmacology
Chinese anticancer drugs and Classification, 1: cytotoxic type: kill the tumor cells, causing cell death for common:
(1): role in cell cycle, inhibition of DNA, RNA and protein synthesis, block the biochemical process accordingly, to stop the proliferation cycle of a link, such as agricultural Geely, Cephalotaxus, indigo, cantharidin, purple grass, etc. .
(2): damage to the cell membrane categories: the physiological function of the corresponding loss of cell membrane, causing cell death. Such as barley kernel oil.
(3): inhibition of cell respiration categories: activities for blocking the cell can be part of life. If tonkinensis, centipedes and so on.
2: metabolic regulation: regulation of tumor and tumor cells in patients with abnormal metabolism, it became normal, and enhance cancer-fighting ability, or the transformation of cancer cells to the normal direction.
(1): regulating cell metabolism: If PUPS.
(2): adjust the overall metabolism: such as ginseng extract
(3): lectin: the direction of the transformation of normal cells to restore contact inhibition. If foreign Con.
3: to boost the immune: improving the thymus, lymph system, bone marrow, spleen and immune function, increased T, B, K cell mass, enhanced phagocytosis, and promote the production of complement and interferon. Such as spore oil, spore, Polyporus, snake tongue grass.
Chinese anticancer drugs and Classification, 4: blood circulation categories: reduced platelet aggregation, effective improvement of microcirculation, increased vascular permeability, improving hypoxia, anaerobic glycolysis inhibition of cancer cells, immune cells reach the tumor is conducive to play a part anti-cancer effects and can increase the cell surface charge and accelerate cell gel electrophoresis, to improve the level of complement. Such as the peony, salvia, Chuanxiong, Panax soil will be so.

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