Psychological care of cancer patients

By | April 26, 2012

Psychological care cancer patients, cancer is a serious threat to human life and health of refractory disease. For now, most cancers, especially in advanced cancer patients can not be completely cured. Therefore, improving the quality of life of cancer patients has become one of the main purpose of the treatment of cancer. Quality of life for patients with mental, social and physical health status of the three decisions. Mental factors including quality of life of cancer patients play a very active role. Due to historical and inappropriate publicity reasons, the community there is an incurable cancer misconceptions. Once a person with cancer, it will have enormous psychological pressure, there fear, anxiety, depression and other negative emotions. The reason, in addition to cancer itself, mainly because of cancer caused by a lack of understanding of medical knowledge. This shows that cancer patients are needed in this area of health education. This often occurs with cancer patients as indicators of depression, mental health education of the quality of life for patients. 1. The object of psychological health education in cancer patients (about 40 people attend each time) were in clinical recovery after treatment. In an interview before the health education, according to the standard guide words, under the guidance of a professional, each completed a self-rating depression scale continuously for 3 times (week 1) health education, re-fill in the amount of self-rating depression table. Obtained by the screening of people shared the valid responses. One male patient in 15 cases, female patients in 16 cases, the oldest 64 years old, minimum 48-year-old, nine cases of gastric cancer, breast cancer, 7 cases of lung cancer in 6 cases, liver in 4 cases, the other 5 cases. 2. Statistically to each respondent by dividing the actual score of 80 for the severity index of depression, mental health education before and after the match between the data statistically. 3. Mental Health Education (1) method: a collective way of teaching, each teaching about 2 hours. (2) Content: cancer basics, including what is cancer, cancer causes the simple form process, diagnosis and treatment methods; psychological factors and cancer development and prognosis; cancer patients psychosocial care, promote cancer does not equal death, to help patients establish the confidence to overcome the disease; simple psychological adjustment and treatment; how to deal with treatment side effects and recurrence.

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