Chinese Medicine Cancer Rehabilitation

By | November 13, 2011

Chinese Medicine Cancer Rehabilitation process requires attention to the following aspects:
Cancer Rehabilitation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (1) cancer rehabilitation treatment principles of Chinese medicine: Chinese medicine in ancient books, the tumor often depressed as a "crazy house", "accumulate", "Cave '," choke every "and other cancer rehabilitation therapy is often used in Chinese medicine strengthening healthy evil, dialectic and debate the combination of disease, because when the hardship, the result of the principles directly into the system.
Cancer Rehabilitation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2) Precautions when taking Chinese medicines
General medicine should be taken in 1 hour before meals; digestive stimulating drugs or drugs for the gastrointestinal tract after a meal should be taking sedative drugs should be taken at bedtime, according to individual special method of drug prescription taking medication. Promotion of generic drugs, warm clothes; sweating relieving drugs declared thermal clothing; vomiting should be a small amount of frequency service. Changshan bogey onions, yellow and Polygonum to avoid onions, garlic, radish, mint avoid turtle meat, turtle avoid dishes. Ophiopogon bogey carp, licorice, Campanulaceae, ebony avoid pork, hepatitis patients when not eat Chinese herb fish without scales. Health and hanged during the medication, cold, sticky, greasy, fishy or odd, which are not digestible special bland food.
Cancer Rehabilitation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (3) righting Gui evil is the important principle of cancer rehabilitation
"Positive" that is, righteousness, is the normal function of body organs and tissues of the activities of the bow disease resistance; "evil" is evil, refers to subjects factor. Tumor lesion, and indeed between righteousness and evil twin million during the struggle, then evil is better than being ill, are better than the evil is Bingtui. Thus, the treatment of cancer is to support healthy, method of eliminating evil, to change the balance of forces of both pathogen and promote lung improvement to the rehabilitation of universal transformation. Therefore, strengthening healthy evil Chinese medicine treatment of cancer rehabilitation is an important principle.
Cancer Rehabilitation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (4) Treatment is the key to the treatment of cancer rehabilitation
Chinese Medicine Cancer Treatment is the key to rehabilitation. According to cancer patients should pay attention to symptoms, signs, tongue and pulse to determine card type, select the appropriate prescriptions. Mainly to identify tumor location, cold and heat, deficiency and excess, and transfer back to the dialectical treatment. Disease and argue in the dialectic on the basis of application of Meridian, is often cited by Chinese medicine can improve the efficacy. Meridian is a description of a subject to certain organs and meridians of Chinese medicine plays a major disease or special treatment; quoted saying by the Chinese in the treatment of a subject, not only plays a significant role in some organs, while other herbs on the boot organs from a direct treatment of disease. For example, lung cancer, the first election under the dialectical thrust Adenophora, Ophiopogon japonicus, asters, discolor, Morus alba, five ignorant of the child, Houttuynia and other such applications for a number of drugs included in the lung group parties, should also be added Campanulaceae, as cited by the drug to achieve better therapeutic effect.
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