Chemotherapy treatment of patients with oral ulcer

By | April 6, 2012

Chemotherapy in patients with oral ulcer treatment: Some chemotherapy drugs such as MTX ,5-FU, 6 an MP, Ara-C ,5-DFUR, ADM, EPI, THP so prone to mucositis, especially when using higher doses severe mucositis or mucosal ulcer, in addition to saliva secretion decreased gradually lost cleaning and lubrication, oral pH value changes, easy to secondary bacterial and fungal infections.
Chemotherapy in patients with oral ulcer treatment: treatment measures
1. Prevention in ulcerative not occurred, the response in patients with normal oral pH, the test, according to pH, select the appropriate mouthwash for oral care. pH> 7.1 could easily cause a bacterial infection, application of 2% acid studio mouth; pH <5.5 could easily cause a fungal infection, application of 4% sodium bicarbonate solution Li or Dobell mouth (slightly alkaline); pH between the 6.1_7.1 1:5000 mapping applications Nan Xilin liquid gargle, 3_5 times a day can prevent and reduce the incidence of oral ulcer.
2. To strengthen health missions. Because chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, patients eat less, affecting saliva secretion. Encourage patients to drink more water, more mouth before going to bed and early morning with a soft brush and brush your teeth can maintain oral hygiene, can reduce local pain caused by dryness and moisture mucosa, saliva buffer acid, dissolved stalks thick saliva, reduce swallowing difficult.
3. To understand commonly used chemotherapy drug-induced ulcer characteristics, targeted for oral care, such as methotrexate and fluorouracil Ridge are apt to cause mouth slightly rotating inertia War, mainly in the lower lip and tongue positions, respectively, rinse tetrahydrofolate 12mg / 500ml, do not chatter Ling alcohol 300mg/1Sml, can prevent the occurrence of oral ulcer.
4. Observe the situation of oral action films, listen to patient complaints, with or without tongue numbness, tongue reduction, bleeding, inflammation and ulcer. Nystatin oral fungal infections should be, the rates of 4% or 5% sodium bicarbonate hydrogen peroxide clean mouth. After oral ulcer, according to the degree of bad anger stations film the treatment, clean off the mucosa, and corrupt elements account for liquid substances, to keep the mouth clean sell, promote and membrane regeneration. Can be applied to the lesion of local watermelon frost, mouth Jie Ling, Wei Sike with clothing or with money, esophagus mixture containing clothing. Dry lips or lipstick can smear Vaseline.
5. Ulcerative were large (mouth ulcer and esophageal ulcer) should be fast, the application of total parenteral nutrition.
6. To observe the temperature changes, early detection of infection, early treatment.
7. Closely observed changes in oral ulcer, pay attention to the body skin.

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