Cancer patients after treatment and follow-up to regular inspections

By | November 10, 2011

Cancer patients after treatment to complete early and periodic review of cancer treatment, in general can get satisfactory results, many patients can recover or return to work. However, even after treatment, good physical condition, because the body may still have a small amount of residual cancer cells, when the right conditions will "come back", so as to prevent tumor recurrence, consolidation effect, to ensure that rehabilitation is very important to regularly review. So, cancer patients were followed up after treatment should be regularly checked and how to do it?
Cancer patients were followed up after treatment with regular check (1) shall be subject to the visions of the original treating physician resistance, the hospital regularly to the treatment of tumors or feet to make the necessary hospital physical examination, identify problems and timely treatment to prevent tumor recurrence or metastasis.
(2) carry the diagnosis of cancer before and after treatment investigation report and review of position when the test results compared in order to facilitate reasonable treatment.
(3) After review did not find signs of metastasis or recurrence, we can not give up the next periodic review of opportunities to the hospital o
After treatment, cancer patients were followed up regularly checked and, on the one hand the ability to detect tumor recurrence or metastasis, and to give timely and reasonable treatment to get better control; the other hand, to facilitate tracking of patients doctors observations, first hand, accumulation of experience, is conducive to carrying out scientific research and operational level, the better those services for the Italian. In general, patients with lung cancer after treatment a doctor should be required in year 1 every 2 months later a second, the second year review every 3 months, 1, 1 year after the review every six months or a 1. If the patient discomfort or the emergence of new problems, the hammer should be kept to a hospital for investigation. Green difficult time indeed if the referral, shall be on a regular basis, such as telephone contact with such a specific way to maintain contact with the hospital. Hospitals should be followed up periodically, telephone, and family members of patients should reply. Timely medical problems the patient answers, follow-up should not be interrupted. To some extent, with the mind of cancer patients should be lifelong.

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