Cancer ostomy care with stress

By | April 8, 2012

Cancer ostomy care with stress, can not guarantee for patients with colorectal cancer surgery dirty and solve drainage problems had to rely on "colostomy" surgery, is about to emerge from in vitro intestinal and abdominal wall suture.
Health care workers to affectionately known as "Rose", but with one "dung bag" of life cancer patients after surgery should be careful not to use alcohol to clean. preoperative oral administration of senna and other must inhibit the intestinal bacteria.
Cancer ostomy care pay attention to, colorectal cancer patients after discharge, sutures around the stoma has been removed, wash with water and the skin around the stoma, stoma cleaning the skin, they should choose a soft, clean towel to avoid skin damage. Do not use alcohol, shy wine or liquid hydrogen peroxide and other irritant cleaning. The cleaning process, if a small amount of liquid into the stoma, patients do not have to worry about. In addition, the closed except when the ostomy bag should not be too exposed to observe local any sensitivity, in order to adjust use of other stoma supplies. When using the belt-type ostomy bag, the skin around the stoma to the mat in a soft cloth to prevent skin worn.
Avoid eating after eating leeks, celery, honey, and crude fiber content of foods high and relax, so as not to cause diarrhea. In the event of diarrhea, edible apple sauce, peanut butter, rice, boiled milk and other hardened soft droppings. Eggs, milk cool, beans and other food should be easy to produce the gas flame.
In addition, 3 days before surgery stoma should be eating less food residue and used on behalf of tea with senna, 10 grams per day, inhibition of intestinal bacteria. One afternoon before surgery, 20% of the concentration of mannitol can exchange water (1:2) orally, to dilute the intestinal contents, so easy to discharge manure, night and early morning can also use glycerin enema 220 ml against 300 ml of warm water hydrotherapy , conducive to the smooth operation.
Cancer ostomy care with stress, in addition to preoperative cleansing colon hydrotherapy, the reasonable intake of diet on intestinal cleansing also has a positive effect. Preoperative eating high protein, high calorie, digestible, low residue diet is rich in vitamins, such as soup made from a variety of soup, rice, biscuits, cakes, eggs, soup, fruit juice, juice and so on. Do not eat whole grains, meat, vegetables and other food residue.

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