Be reduced appetite in patients with colorectal cancer

By | April 8, 2012

Be reduced appetite in patients with colorectal cancer, colorectal cancer patients have a common characteristic, like to eat meat does not bite before illness; After treatment, they refused to become only requires a bite to eat meat because of fear of cancer recurrence.
In fact, cancer patients in the daily diet should have food, lean meat, fish, eggs and various vegetables, but the amount of each are not much. For example, the original week to eat a chicken, get sick after eating only half a week; original meal to eat three bowls of rice, it is best to eat a bowl.
Be reduced appetite in patients with colorectal cancer, the reason is very simple, normal diet fully meet the nutritional needs of patients with colorectal cancer, eat too much or additional nutritional supplements, it will cause excessive intestinal protein, increased intestinal burden, is not conducive to patient rehabilitation. At best only a vegetarian does not eat meat, if you feel hungry to eat fruit. Need to be reminded that the liquid mixture should be made a variety of fruits for consumption, rather than simply eating apples or bananas. Because eating certain fruits, nutritional and vitamin obtained is relatively simple.
In addition, cancer patients recommended bitter melon and garlic, and called the best food every day. Bitter melon has a bitter, but edible when ignorant of the bitter and cool, refreshing non-greasy, not only sugar, bitter melon lipids in the protein can also stimulate and enhance immune cells in vivo, and enhance the ability of phagocytic cells play a role in cancer .
The role of bitter melon is also a better analgesic. Easily lead to pain in patients with stress, depression and other negative emotions, is not conducive to treatment, so bitter is particularly suitable patients with colorectal cancer after surgery, salad, fried bitter melon or bitter gourd powder is a good choice.
Be reduced appetite in patients with colorectal cancer, although not a good garlic flavor, but it is rich in antioxidants, can inhibit tumor growth, known as anti-cancer "master." Those who eat garlic, garlic supplements or eating one less person had cancer. For those patients in early colorectal cancer, eating garlic can help them recover as quickly as possible.

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