Cancer chemotherapy drug-induced phlebitis

By | November 17, 2011

Phlebitis chemotherapy drugs, particularly anti-cancer drugs stimulating large, intravenous injection may be a chemical injury on the intima, resulting in a wider range of inflammatory changes, complicated by thrombosis. Patients often complained of parts or the whole vein pain, swelling, check palpable strip of tender, the skin may appear around the congestion. General maintenance of local acute inflammation 1 – 2 weeks, then gradually subsided, pain relief, congestion has been replaced by pigmentation, brown, strip of the hardness increase, similar to touch the vas deferens, usually 3-4 weeks or even longer extension time to subside.
Cancer chemotherapy drug-induced phlebitis 1. The right choice usually by the intravenous injection site distal veins start, turn left and right side, and is not in the swollen limb vein injection of irritant drugs. Irritation of the chemotherapy drugs should be taken very thick, good blood supply vein injection.
Cancer chemotherapy drug-induced phlebitis 2. Drug concentration in the appropriate amount of the adjustment application of diluted chemotherapy drugs, dubbed the solution should not place too long after, some drugs such as nitrogen mustard, Ara back, VCR, etc. When you use need to diluted, and injected into the body in a short time.
3. Strict operation first with normal saline or glucose water, establishment of intravenous access, and check the needle and the blood vessels after the infusion of good administration. After injection needle injection, should be a period of time infusion of saline or glucose solution. Direct removal of needles containing chemotherapy, it may leak a small amount of drugs in the skin.
Cancer chemotherapy drug-induced phlebitis 4. Temperature adjustment if the room temperature low, the liquid can be heated to 30 C liquid temperature is too low to reduce the irritation caused by pain. Intravenous infusion of local heat, blood vessels can ease the twins recover from illness, speeding up blood flow, reducing the possibility of leakage of liquid.
Cancer chemotherapy drug-induced phlebitis 5. To avoid the simultaneous use of other stimulants such as blood bait chloride, erythromycin, high doses of vitamins.

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