Check the condition of colorectal cancer

By | November 17, 2011

Early Results, straight colorectal cancer often obvious signs of dollars, when the tumor grows to a certain size, palpable abdominal mass, intestinal obstruction can be caused when the cancer has corresponding signs appear. Rectal cancer is generally found in embryos from the patient examination Wang door 10em tumor within the rectum. With the progress of the disease, patients may present symptoms of chronic wasting, such as anemia, weight loss, fatigue, etc., can be presented in patients with advanced cachexia state.
Check a colon condition. Should be routine physical examination, focus on examination of the supraclavicular area, inguinal lymph nodes, with or without anemia, yellow disease, there are dollars abdominal mass, ascites, with or without signs of intestinal obstruction.
Cancer condition check 2. Digital rectal examination digital rectal examination is a rainbow tube, rectal examination of the most common lesion is the most effective method, digital rectal examination and at least away from the dirty door 8em palpable within the rectum situation. Early rectal cancer above the conjunctival surface can be expressed as a small polypoid lesions. Refers to the examination must be careful touch to avoid misdiagnosis. Large lesions are easy to touch it, the performance of the sizes of the exogenous type of tumor, but also can be expressed as infiltrating stenosis. Digital rectal examination should be gentle when you touch, should not squeeze so as not to promote cells to enter the bloodstream and spread. Digital examination should pay attention to determine the tumor size, representing the range of perimeter wall, is there pedicle or base size, tumor distance from the dirty edge, the texture of the tumor, whether the fixation. Patients with colon cancer by digital rectal examination should be or rectum – bimanual vaginal examination to understand bladder or rectum, uterus rectum Au Au whether the growing tumor.
Check the 3 colorectal disease. Laboratory
(1) General blood and urine examination: no abnormality early. Late may have anemia, thrombocytosis and other changes.
(2) fecal occult blood test: simple, 70% -80% of patients were positive, with anti-human Hb antibody immune space analysis method to reduce false positives.
(3) tumor markers: colorectal cancer diagnosis is currently used for many biological markers (eg CEA, CA50, TAG-72 in the hands choking associated glycoprotein 72), TNF (tumor necrosis factor), telomerase, CA19-9, etc. shall have no diagnostic specificity, joint detection can improve the sensitivity, CEA, CA19-9, CA50 is the best combination.
(4) pathological examination: endoscopic forceps biopsy specimens, rectal wash, digital rectal examination smear specimens were taken for cell, tissue blocks management inspection, more than 90% may be diagnosed.
4. Sigmoidoscopy sigmoidoscopy tube generally check to 25cm from the anus at the door. Carefully observed to at least 15cm away from the dirty door situation at the intestinal lesions, and biopsy specimens were taken of lesions seen.
5.X-ray examination
(1) chest radiograph or chest: a colorectal cancer patients before the routine examination, with or without lung metastasis and can understand the heart, lung conditions. KUB is the main method of diagnosis of intestinal obstruction, obstructive colorectal cancer is a routine examination before surgery.
(2) lock enema: enema usually difficult to find the lock 2em following lesion diameter, but the contrast with the low Zhang air lock can be found in the path lem method following colon cancer. Suspected on clinical symptoms in patients with low colorectal cancer by digital rectal examination should be first and the hard tube sigmoidoscopy, because the two methods from the embryo inside the low door 20em colorectal cancer check over the lock enema reliable. The performance of existing intestinal obstruction in patients with colorectal cancer should be careful to do dam enema, due to increased obstruction and result in perforation of the colon above the site of obstruction may be.
6. Colonoscopy colonoscopy desirable as intuitive biopsy from the embryo for 15-20em above the door until the cecum colon cancer, colonoscopy is the most reliable screening method. Colonoscopy enema not only shows silver in doubt the nature of disease, you can also find many missed the silver by a small gland enema places and cancer. In recent years, colonoscopy in the diagnosis of colorectal tumors, adenoma extraction treatment has shown the superiority of its yuan arguable.
7.B B-ultrasound examination can be found despite the ileocecal foci, mesenteric mass, but the B-on the diagnosis of colorectal cancer is limited, clinically only as a reference. B-as a preoperative routine examination in order to understand the liver, gallbladder, film, spleen, para-aortic, renal, pelvic organs, etc., can be found in particular liver metastases of colorectal cancer violation of adjacent organs. B-intestine wall can understand the depth of tumor invasion and intestinal conditions and neighboring organs week bowel mesentery or even weeks and pelvic lymph nodes metastasis, commonly used in the preoperative staging of rectal cancer.
8.CT check the CT examination is more accurate than B-on the abdomen and pelvis tumors were appropriate. Spiral CT examination can clearly show the infiltration of the tumor within the bowel wall to the outside wall and infiltration of surrounding organs, mesenteric and pelvic lymph node metastasis. Commonly used in the preoperative clinical stage, and help determine the scope of the excision.
Colorectal disease inspection 9. The role of magnetic resonance imaging MRI is similar to CT.

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