Breast cancer diet

By | October 20, 2011

Breast cancer in breast cancer mainly sarcoma rare. More complex morphology of breast cancer, many types, often in the same piece of cancer tissue or even a slice of the same, there are two or more types exist.
Breast cancer diet should note the following aspects:
  Breast cancer diet (1) fat and high calorie diet and breast cancer-related weight gain, especially after menopause; weight for each additional 10Kg, the risk of breast cancer will increase by 80%. Adolescence growth and development of high-calorie diet to speed up and early menstruation, resulting in middle age, weight gain, increased incidence of breast cancer.
Breast cancer diet (2) drinking alcohol has been reported 2 times a day will lead to increased estrogen levels, as well as reported drinking more than 3 times a day for women the risk of breast cancer increased by 50% – 70 %.
Breast cancer diet (3) cellulose inhibit breast and colorectal cancer the role of women in Eat vegetables and risk of breast cancer increased slightly, the daily intake of fiber 2 ravioli, the risk of breast cancer will be reduced by 15%.

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