Symptoms of primary malignant lymphoma

By | October 20, 2011

Symptoms of primary malignant lymphoma of the body's tissues and organs of the lymphatic system, easy to spread the body, while malignant lymphoma is a systemic disease, local and systemic disease on the human body have different effects on the clinical presentation also involved in local and the two aspects of the body, but the outstanding performance of different stages of the two different levels.
Malignant lymphoma in primary malignant lymphoma of the prominent symptoms of clinical manifestations of significant incentives Yuan painless, progressive lymphadenopathy, either HL or NHL have similar performance. Starting position more in the neck, can be found in single or multiple, often found in Italy in the Yuan, the general growth and more rapid, 1 – 2 months, the volume increased from one to several times or even dozens of times, multiple persons may rapid integration into the larger mass. But the low grade can slow the growth of individual patients within a few months to a year or two little volume change, and even individual patients with inflammation of the temporary use of antibiotics can see the volume reduced to the diagnosis difficult. Lymph nodes in a single lymph node region, but also can involve other lymph node areas or in succession, these include the neck, armpits, groin, mediastinum, retroperitoneum, bone and other passengers fossa lymph node area.
Mesenteric, portal, splenic, renal hilum, hilar lymph nodes and other organs in the corresponding area often disease (primary or secondary) is involved. Waldeyer ring lymph node area was considered to be outside the lymph node area in recent years, most of that should fall within the lymph node area, and is the predilection sites of malignant lymphoma. The shower should be in the Pat junction imaging examination and a comprehensive detailed inspection to determine whether they are involved.
Primary malignant lymphoma of the symptoms not to lymph nodes as the first symptom, often can be expressed as similar to other cancer tissues and organs occupying, invasive or destructive corresponding clinical manifestations. Such as primary malignant lymphoma in the spleen may be the first performance of the left hypochondrium pain and enlarged spleen, the spleen imaging examination showed single or multiple masses. Primary malignant lymphoma of the skin can be the first performance of a variety of skin Yan and so on. Just some of extranodal lymphoma patients showed persistent fever, or even sustained high fever, this hot effective use of glucocorticoids, use of antibiotics is invalid, if the merger flu.

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