24 danger signals of cancer

By | April 22, 2012

24 danger signals of cancer, (1) A lump anywhere in the body, every day large;
(2) Long-term treatment of ulcerative does not get better;
(3) anemia, fever, bleeding, bone pain Confucianism;
(4), ear plugs, ear stuffiness, headache, Withdrawing of nosebleed;
(5) swelling of the liver or defects increases rapidly, easy bleeding ulcers;
(6) side of the amygdala increases every day, no pain and fever, after antibiotic treatment is still ineffective anti-inflammatory;
(7), unexplained hoarseness, is increasing;
(8) a day is more important than a day of headache, and nausea, vomiting, visual impairment;
(9) sense of smell disorders of unknown causes;
(10), dysphagia, foreign body sensation after the sternum;
24 kinds of danger signals of cancer, (11) shortness of breath, dry cough, or bloody sputum, persistent, especially smoking;
(12), breast skin, wrinkles, on both sides vary in size, nipple discharge or broken stains, nipple retraction;
(13) repeated bleeding stomach ulcer;
(14), indigestion, abdominal distention or loss of appetite;
(15) stained yellow skin and eyes sclera day emphasis on the day, more than one month;
(16) painless hematuria;
(17) loose stools alternating with the dry and often have blood;
(18), irregular vaginal bleeding, or sexual intercourse, bleeding after pelvic examination, and with their external secretions increased;
(19), vaginal bleeding after menopause;
(20) unexplained amenorrhea or lactation;
(21) older men have to urinate and difficulty urinating frequency, nocturia, increased pain from time to time;
(22) side of the testes increases, falling hard and have pain;
(23) penis head, skin rash, boils, warts sclerosis;
24 kinds of danger signals of cancer, (24) male breast enlargement, or harden.

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