Cancer Hazard

By | April 23, 2012

Hazards of cancer, cancer is a malignant tumor of the study, said all parts of the body by normal cells in a variety of changes under the action of carcinogenic factors, from its vigorous growth, the growth was relatively open-ended, and the body's normal metabolic function of lack of coordination seriously affected the normal function of various body organs, damage the normal structure, is the serious threat to human health and life of the disease.
Cancer can occur in almost any part of the body. Medicine in accordance with the organization from different sources give different names. Such as occurred in the skin, esophagus, stomach, intestine, lung, bladder, breast, nose, pharynx and other parts of epithelial tissue of the tumor , to call a cancer. From muscle, bone Confucianism, lymphoid malignancies, to call it a sarcoma. There are also certain customary or named after the tumor, such as Ewing's tumor, Hodgkin's disease, leukemia, seminoma, although referred to as "tumor" or "disease" is actually a malignant tumor.
Cancer is common, the main addition to causing harm to human immunodeficiency organs, causing the body fever, weight loss, bleeding body consumption, and lack of production, pain, discomfort and other symptoms than the whole body, without treatment or despite the current through the method of treatment, still life-threatening about 500 million people each year die of cancer worldwide, each year about 110 million people in China died of cancer. Of cancer death in 1949, the total of the tenth cause of death in recent years, rising to the first in the city, in rural areas accounted for two. As living standards improve, other infectious diseases, effective control of epidemics, the population greatly extended life expectancy, the incidence of cancer is gradually rising, died of cancer increases every year, on human health and life of cancer hazards has become increasingly serious.
Cancer hazards, but, as science and technology development, the incidence of cancer causes, pathogenesis research has contributed to new developments in prevention and treatment of cancer. Some cancers are cured are not uncommon, and many cancers have been effectively controlled, prolonged survival of cancer patients, quality of life has been greatly improved. In addition, in vitro Nett that of normal cells into malignant cells has been re not impossible, that is not cancer, "irreversibility" of the. I believe in the near future, cancer of the serious threat to human health, life, illness, will eventually be subdued.

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