What manner of tumor radiotherapy

By | November 3, 2011

With the continuous development of medical science, more and more tumor radiotherapy methods, clinical methods are commonly used in cancer radiotherapy should be the following:
Mode 1 tumor radiotherapy. X-ray or y ray can penetrate the human body to kill cancer cells with the principle of the human body with the accelerator or radiation treatment of tumors in vitro rig, also known as common external radiation, is the most widely used in the primary hospital a treatment approach. It is determined by tumor volume of ordinary simulator to determine the contours of radiation field and the irradiation target volume, full use of the treatment of auxiliary materials, so that adequate target dose to surrounding normal tissue at the same time to protect. These aids include the protected block, diaphragm, face masks, fixed equipment, such as compensation. Must use the standard anyway, and fixed equipment, so as to ensure treatment accuracy. In vitro has the advantage of conventional radiotherapy treatment machine does not enter the human body, is non-invasive operation: The disadvantage is slightly larger radiation field, radiation side effects. This inexpensive treatment, suitable for widespread use in the primary hospital.
Mode 2 tumor radiotherapy. Intracavitary radiation therapy
Facilities with a balloon that is placed on the source device for brachytherapy of esophageal cavity to enhance the local dose of esophageal cancer, reduce the local recurrence rate, to improve the survival rate purposes. This treatment only as a means of adjuvant therapy, the majority of the outer radiation 50_60Gy plus two intracavitary treatment. If the tumor is larger than 2 cm, is not suitable for endovascular treatment, otherwise there will be more serious complications and tumor control dose not reach. The clinical application of radiation technology less. The advantage is the amount of surrounding tissue and organs by small drawback is that the depth of tumor dose is not enough, so endovascular treatment with external irradiation should be carried out, mainly for patients with tumor invasion is not deep or radical radiotherapy after local recurrence of palliative care.
Tumor radiotherapy approach 3. Emphasized conformal radiation therapy
Radiation therapy technology in the 21st century mainstream. This new treatment techniques, calculated accurately by computer ray beam angle and each dose, the dose distribution of the shape of the area with the lesion in three dimensions (target) the shape of the line, while the tumor dose intensity of the same points, both effectively kill the tumor, while avoiding exposure to the surrounding vital organs, is a high-precision radiation therapy, it has been widely used in the treatment of various tumors, and in some large hospitals is widely used. It is targeting with CT simulator, can be more accurate determination of tumor volume and surrounding normal tissue between conventional radiotherapy Baqu than Tiwai small, the surrounding tissue irradiated is relatively small, can be well protected. The disadvantage is higher than the former price, part of the treatment of patients affected.
Mode 4 tumor radiotherapy. X Knife radiotherapy cancer
The relationship between the surgery, resulting in the psychological fear. In fact, x knife is on the therapeutic radiology, terminology, the scientific name is "X-ray stereotactic radiotherapy", which is characterized by in vitro irradiation with accelerator, the radiation field with a small dose irradiation to carry out because the release accelerator the X-ray, irradiation dose, irradiation time and only as accurate as a one-time surgery to kill tumor tissue, so we put the image of this treatment is called "X knife." By the way, since the release of the treatment machine drilling y line treatment machine in the drilling carried out under irradiation in vitro in this manner is called "y knife."

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