What is the impact of tumor

By | December 13, 2011

Many diseases, including cancer, including the impact of various aspects of sex will be. Some of the tumor caused by psychological, physical change, physical decline, genital defects and so may affect the patient's sexual expression and sexuality.
Resistance of tumor, the tumor occurred in the reproductive organs, and surgery or radiation resistance of such treatment is the most common, is often the most serious treatment of the primary female genital cancer after the main problem is pain during intercourse. Resistance of tumors, which may be surgery, radiotherapy may also be related to infections caused by, and sometimes may be inadequate vaginal lubrication, it should ask the doctor to pinpoint the cause. If the result of surgery, radiotherapy-induced vaginal shortening, narrow, elastic loss, early application should be expanded, or the early resumption of sexual intercourse; if the infection caused by pain. Should be actively anti-inflammatory infection control; if lubrication is not enough cause sexual difficulties. May be topical lubricant. Male genital cancer and certain types of treatment may directly affect erection, ejaculation or sexual ability. However, each patient's individual differences. The same disease or treatment on sexual function in some people it is clear, the face of others may have little effect. Male reproductive system tumors, such as partial or complete removal of the penis, so that sexual intercourse sexual intercourse difficult or loss of capacity. Can ask urology, plastic surgery expert consultation, see if you can do or use fake penis penis reconstruction addition to disease has been itself or treatment factors, psychological factors often induce and aggravate the patient's sexual dysfunction. Male cancer patients as often because of illness or the treatment of sexual concerns and fear caused by erectile dysfunction; female patients due to fear of pain and tension, exclusion and other psychological. If it is due to psychological factors such impact, guiding the people to correct the disease, sex, knowledge of their own mistakes, and more are related to cancer, and other aspects of medical knowledge and eliminate the unnecessary psychological burden and fl breast cancer patients after mastectomy, often have their own concerns and worry about physical beauty, to consider themselves no longer a "complete" the female, resulting in a feeling of inferiority, worry about whether her husband still love themselves, their sexual performance of a passive Over time it will develop into sex, then, the husband's interest and understanding wife should take the initiative 'to help his wife overcome inferiority complex. Resume sexual activity after surgery, if surgical incision or wound is very delicate, playing the oppression of the chest to minimize pain and discomfort and to avoid distracting the focus cleaned to reduce the chance of a relapse, many tumor resection surgery sub-large may cause physical changes in limb defects, damage to face, skin and other service marks, these will give a huge psychological trauma patients; chemotherapy and radiotherapy can also cause hair loss, pigmentation, weight loss and other side effects. Patients often have a loss and thus inferiority no longer think of the old style, psychological distress is full of contradictions and lost confidence in the expression of sex is no longer active, thus affecting the harmony of life. At this time the most important thing is to overcome the inferiority complex, and think you not only because of appearance, more importantly, because of his inner character and other valuable point but respect and love by love. If the disease before the husband and wife love each other a happy sex life is over, the illness will resume as before. Crisis of the disease often makes couples more understanding, caring, intimacy, feelings are more profound because of adversity.
Seen by the on resistance of tumor can often be based on actual conditions, adopt various methods to resolve. Eliminate these adverse effects, not only depend on the patient's efforts, the spouse is more important is the cooperation of the patient. In fact, not every cancer patient in terms of problems there, even though the tumor is causing the body's many changes, but their sexuality and sexual behavior did not change much still maintained good sexual function, with a pleasant and harmonious sex life.

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