Qigong effects on tumor

By | December 13, 2011

Effects of Qigong on cancer, qigong is an important part of Chinese medicine a valuable cultural heritage of the Chinese nation. Qigong in medical care, disease prevention, physical fitness and so widely popular with the masses welcome. Qigong for cancer in recent years, new weapons over the clinical treatment and rehabilitation for cancer play a role.
Effects of Qigong on cancer, Qigong is a holistic therapy, which can boost the body's potential to protect and mobilize the body's inherent resistance to disease because of the role of a centralizer. It is through the idea of adjustable air-to guide air through the meridians accessible within the body, play a dredging meridians, smooth blood, such as the role of marks Sanjie. Functional regulation of the body of the gas system the function of organs, so that digestive respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine and immune, hematopoietic system and other functions can be improved and enhanced. Practice also shows that some of Qigong on human memory and intelligence has some improvements. Qigong is that it also features the idea of self-regulation and the body physical exercise combined with static and dynamic than a general sports. Cancer patients practicing Qigong not only to make the body get exercise, but also induce mental and nervous relaxation, eliminate distractions, resolve stress, anxiety, depression and other negative emotions.
Tumor therapy in a number of Qigong is the only plan by the patients themselves can take the initiative to implement, self-control therapy, no doubt for those who desire to battle to the cancer to provide a brave fight on their own specific methods. It can mobilize the enthusiasm of patients and enhance their self-confidence to enable them to appreciate from the fate is in their own in the. And practicing qigong also greatly enriched the lives of cancer patients. The patient is concerned, the struggle with cancer, establish a firm faith, lift their spirits, and actively participate in is a very important aspect.
Qigong for cancer prevention and treatment should definitely be very useful, but they can not superstitious, who put all hopes on qigong give up on other possible effective treatment approach is not desirable.
Effects of Qigong on cancer, a variety of qigong exercises its different genres and categories also have different features, which work on cancer patients choose the treatment method is currently no unified view, the reason may be that too much power law , there is no generally accepted uniform standards, each has a different power law practitioner who has different experiences, feelings and a different understanding, knowledge, and in the teaching of different preachers have a different interpretation of the process and innovation. Qigong is a focus of many ideas, a feeling, it is difficult to quantify with objective indicators and description, so that different practitioners and scholars, or to teach understanding and awareness between the often inconsistent. Because of this, for different categories of Qigong and the standardization, organization, and function of each exercises, role identification is almost in depth understanding of the future, look at the conditions required by this qigong, specific exercises, its role and purpose is achieved for themselves. Although some exercises effective against the disease, but patients can not mix personal or adhere to the weak, whom should not be forced. Discipline may appear in the deviations and problems should be aware of and to prevent it. Beginners to learn and experience the best there is under the guidance of teachers. I believe in their power to choose law and uphold the Discipline of the patients in the combined effect of other therapies will receive satisfactory results.

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