The treatment of early gastric cancer the principle of medium-term

By | October 31, 2011

As early as the mid- gastric cancer , which is the early stages of gastric cancer, gastric cancer as early as mid-term treatment principles, gastric cancer did not infringe the liver, pancreas, and near the great vessels, there is no distant metastasis, so the method can be used to achieve surgical resection, that is, completely to completely remove the tumor from the anatomy, so this stage of gastric cancer, the best method is to use radical surgical treatment.
Gastric cancer surgery is the most important condition to achieve, even in the presence of certain physical causes, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, we should try to protect in internal medicine, the fight for early surgical treatment.
The principle of early and mid-treatment of gastric cancer 1. What circumstances require adjuvant chemotherapy
(1) Pat-Lin node metastasis, or vascular tumor thrombus positive;
(2) violations of the serosa or surrounding the tumor tissues and organs;
(3) poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of the muscular layer of tumor invasion;
(4) after radical resection CEA, CA 724, CA199 levels continue to rise;
(5) other risk factors, such as certain cancer gene (C-erbB-2, etc.) of the high level expression of the tumor was multifocal distribution, and a family history of cancer in young gastric cancer.
Simply put, I can before the postoperative gastric cancer patients without chemotherapy, Ib-IV often need adjuvant chemotherapy.
The principle of early and mid-treatment of gastric cancer 2. TCM expert advice
TCM syndrome differentiation treatment recommendations adhere to the individual taking the decoction of Chinese medicine for at least 2 years, it is best to adhere to 5 years, Chinese medicine decoction of righting the main method, supplemented by evil, while Chinese medicine with anti-tumor agents.

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