Surgical treatment of osteosarcoma

By | December 28, 2011

Osteosarcoma, surgical therapy, surgical treatment of osteosarcoma has been a combination of bone and joint surgery, microsurgery, abdominal surgery and vascular neurosurgery methods and technology, under the conditions of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, have a choice to do with tumor bone segment resection and reconstruction surgery, limb salvage in patients improve the safety and reliability, so that limb salvage is possible.
Surgical treatment of osteosarcoma is the purpose of the elimination of local lesion, to avoid local disease recurrence and distant parts of the transfer, to save and prolong life. Surgical treatment of osteosarcoma, limb osteosarcoma at this stage that about 85% of viable limb salvage sub-surgery, 10% required amputation, 5% do rotating shape in the operation. Type of surgery is to flesh and blood build-up, no more than two categories: one amputation, the second is to retain body of the tumor resection surgery.
During the surgical treatment of osteosarcoma, a common method is as follows:
1. Amputation amputation is a traditional treatment of osteosarcoma;
2. Keep limb tumor resection;
3. Bone Graft
(1) autogenous bone graft;
(2) allograft;
(3) inactivation of tumor of bone re-use;
Surgical treatment of osteosarcoma, osteosarcoma of the various operative procedures must strictly control their surgical indications, should be based on preoperative X-ray, CT scan or MRI, radionuclide bone scan check other items of supporting information, specific blood violations of bone and soft tissue tumor extent, clear whether the distant parts of the transfer, to determine surgical staging. Select the appropriate surgical plan. Limb salvage surgery has now been used for more clinical.

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