Can birth marriage breast cancer patients

By | December 29, 2011

Currently, birth marriage breast cancer patients can have a lot of people very concerned about the issue. From a medical point of view, both male and female cancer patients were not married during the illness, but should focus on medical treatment, recuperation, to completely cure the cancer, may be considered after the wedding, only so that it can benefit both sides happy life after marriage. Worked hard to get married and after marriage the sense of responsibility, are likely to increase the burden of mental illness is not conducive to recovery. The so-called tumor completely cured, generally refers to all of the tumor regression after treatment, no recurrence for 5 years, and the patient in good health, medicine called "5-year cure." Therefore, the clinical cure of cancer was observed after 5 years, no recurrence can be considered married.
Lung cancer patients can get married fertility breastfeeding? Lung cancer during treatment of married women should not be pregnant or having children. On the one hand can increase the mother during the baby vibration burden, on the other radiotherapy and chemotherapy, after all, have teratogenic effects on the fetus or potential adverse effects, so before the tumor has not been the best control is not pregnant, 2 years after the end of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, such as conditions permit and then appropriate pregnancy.
Cancer patients should not breast-feeding women. Clinical work, often found in patients with breast cancer due to the growth and spread rapidly, especially breast cancer, for two reasons:
1. Tumor growth itself is a strong consumption of the body, radiotherapy and chemotherapy on the body have different degrees of damage, while the consumption of breast-feeding increased the body, immune function is further reduced.
2. Breastfeeding promotion of pituitary prolactin secretion, prolactin is the hormone that enables cells also can promote the growth of tumor cells, so cancer patients should not breastfeed.
Can birth marriage breast cancer patients? With the development of new chemotherapy drugs, the progress of treatment strategies in recent years, more and more by the combined treatment of cancer, the patient can still have children, but need to carefully select the timing.

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