Surgical treatment of lung cancer and lung cancer prognosis

By | April 19, 2012

Surgical treatment of lung cancer and lung cancer prognosis, the right choice for treatment is directly related to the prognosis of the problem. Here are several major surgical treatment of lung cancer prognostic factors of lung cancer do an introduction.
1. Lung infection after surgery on the prognosis and Deslauri according to Gail and other research and analysis such that the lung infection after surgery, including product version, pneumonia, pleurisy, respiratory failure, was not conducive to Dengjun the survival of patients.
2. Surgical residual tumor on the prognosis of side effects that have surgical residual tumor on the side of patients had significant effect on survival. Cut end of a five-year survival rate, or residual cancer survival rates lower than the cut end of ten years no residual cancer, of whom ten years survival rates were significantly different between the two.
3. Perioperative blood transfusion on prognosis and Tartter Little, etc. I, respectively, of NSCLC patients for blood transfusion during surgery five-year survival rate compared to two studies are not blood transfusion five years survival rates were 81% and 76 %, while blood transfusion were 53% and 62%. Description of blood transfusion on the prognosis of patients during surgery resulted in significant adverse effects of transfusion itself may be due to the adverse reaction or other known risk factors reflected.
The purpose of surgical treatment of lung cancer: is to complete resection of primary lung cancer and the local lymph nodes and prolong survival. However, it should be emphasized that treatment must be integrated with other methods, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immune therapy and traditional Chinese medicine to improve the long-term survival; surgical results, although positive, but must be based on extent of disease, stage of disease, determined by the physician, not force.

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