Radiotherapy after breast-conserving surgery radiation field design

By | April 6, 2012

== Radiotherapy after breast-conserving surgery radiation field design, 1. Breast / chest wall field with wild endo and exo, dedicated breast bracket.
Upper bound: If there is no field in the subclavian axillary lock the lower edge of the first level, from the breast tissue around the upper edge of 2cm. Axillary field if the lock before the ribs in the second level.
Lower bound: under the breast fold 2cm (full packs and breast tissue).
Within the sector: the body midline (the full package and breast tissue).
The outside world: middle axillary line or posterior axillary line (more than breast tissue outside the reach of 2cm).
Radiation field and the width of the need for full package and small part of all breast tissue, including lung tissue (2cm or so). Outside the radiation field to be out of the nipple 2 ~ 3cm, to prevent the exposure of breast enlargement during the leaving radiation field due to appear limited. Irradiation do not need to put filler surface. Put the whole tangential irradiation of the wedge 15 to 30.
Dose selection DT50Gy/25F/5W. Then under the positioning simulator, according to intraoperative silver clip in the primary tumor surgery scar putting 2 ~ 3cm. 6 ~ 12MeV electron line with the amount of compensation (85% isodose curve and the base package), 10 ~ 16Gy / 5 ~ 8F / l ~ 1.5W. Under the circumstances can also make use of the amount of interstitial brachytherapy.
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