Lung cancer indications and indications for withdrawal

By | October 31, 2011

Lung cancer indications are the following:
lung cancer indication for surgery or radiation therapy without the conditions of non-small cell lung cancer, chemotherapy can relieve symptoms and prolong survival;
Lung cancer chemotherapy indication small cell lung cancer, regardless of how the clinical stage, once diagnosed, the start of chemotherapy;
For the case of surgery or radiation therapy, supplemented by chemotherapy or radiation therapy can improve the efficacy of surgery;
local complications above vena cava syndrome, cancer, pleurisy, etc. palliative therapy can relieve symptoms.
To amend or stop lung cancer indication for treatment:
non-small cell lung cancer 2 courses of chemotherapy for small cell lung cancer efficacy of a treatment or chemical treatment is effective but not the tumor relapse or deterioration;
platelets less than 5 X 1010 / L or WBC less than 3X109 / L, the element active and effective supportive care;
infected blood;
patients can not tolerate gastrointestinal tract;
heart, liver, kidney, lung serious obstacles;
heating temperature is above 38 C;
have other complications of massive hemoptysis.
More than a brief indication of lung cancer chemotherapy.

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