Liver cyst material

By | October 8, 2011

Liver cyst material
Liver cyst objects, HCC patients can be found in the liver tumor. But the liver mass is not necessarily found in liver . Many liver diseases can be found in the liver tumor, either benign disease may be malignant disease. Mainly in the following diseases and liver cancer need to be differentiated.
In benign disease, cavernous hemangioma of the liver is the most common needs and identification of liver disease, it is generally asymptomatic, liver, soft texture, Yuan liver background. AFP negative. Diameter <2 cm hemangiomas mostly when the line B-Check the high density, mostly low density and small hepatocellular carcinoma. More than 2 cm in diameter hemangioma should be CT scan, you can see the contrast medium filled by the four weeks to the Centre and stay in the lesions, usually can be diagnosed by virtue of hemangioma. Liver cyst also showed liver lesions, often multiple, and renal cysts, often family history. General Element symptoms, and no liver disease background.
Liver cyst thing, B super performance of liquid dark area, CT enhanced scan, the contrast agent must not enter the lesion, often by virtue of the above points and the liver phase identification. Liver cyst echinococcosis is a parasitic disease, can also be found in the liver tumor, which was popular in pastoral areas, Yuan symptoms, B-dark areas that Polycystic. Cystic echinococcosis more positive skin test antigens, and the liver is not difficult to identify. Often accompanied by swelling of the liver version of fever, liver pain, elevated white blood cell count and neutrophil and other inflammatory phenomena, the best diagnosis is liver biopsy, pits Edition fluid, can be diagnosed. Malignant diseases, mostly gastrointestinal metastases, often can be found through the gastrointestinal primary tumor, liver cancer, liver disease generally no basis, and mostly multiple lesions, CT and B-can further assist diagnosis. In short, by clinical and laboratory examinations, the majority of liver cancer and other diseases is not difficult to identify, if you still can not make a diagnosis, you can of liver biopsy, the final pathological diagnosis.

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