Immunotherapy of gastric cancer

By | April 20, 2012

Immunotherapy of gastric cancer, to date, tumor immunotherapy is not satisfactory, mainly due to the antigenicity of the tumor with a very weak and difficult to obtain a specific reaction. So try to increase the antigenicity of the gastrointestinal tract, after the direction of future research.
Japanese scholars have different stages of gastric cancer patient's immune function was detected, results show that the number of peripheral blood lymphocytes, T cells, especially in patients with advanced unresectable gastric cancer cases of gastric cancer decreased, while the B cells, plasma globulin multiple changes. Clinical indicators of immune response detected many ways, but there is a specific reaction of the target element. Direct impact on the patient's immune status of the effect of immunotherapy. At this stage can only destroy the tumor immunotherapy a few cancer cells. Experiments show that immunotherapy alone can eliminate the tumor cells only 106_107 one, weighing about 1mg. Therefore, resection of gastric cancer as primary and metastatic lesions is in itself an important part of immune therapy. At present the combination of promotion of immunization and chemotherapy to improve efficacy.
Immunotherapy of gastric cancer, has just implemented radical resection is the least when host cells in vivo. Radical surgery for early gastric cancer patients. Best suited to do immunotherapy. However, in patients with advanced gastric cancer patients, because of its residual cancer cells and the possibility of the formation of micrometastases great immunotherapy can not be achieved simply, reasonably with chemotherapy, you can either protect the host's immune system, and to increase kill cancer cells, the immune chemotherapy. Japanese scholars believe that after the operation in patients with advanced, such as giving large doses of anti-cancer drugs will cut fine host immune system, so the use of moderate tumor treatment is more appropriate.

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