Gallbladder cancer metastasis

By | May 4, 2012

Transfer gallbladder, extrahepatic bile duct cancer were lower in early metastasis, mainly along the bile duct wall, upward, downward infiltration of direct spread. As mentioned in paragraph directly invade the liver and hepatic duct carcinoma, than in the lower cancer more common. The most common is the hilar lymph node metastasis, but also to other parts of the abdominal lymph nodes. Way to survive the transfer, except those with advanced cancer, usually less. Various parts of the bile duct, the liver the most common, especially in high bile duct cancer tissue easy to violations of portal vein tumor thrombus formation can lead to liver metastasis. But also to the adjacent organs pancreas, gallbladder metastasis.
Gallbladder cancer early and extensive transfer, the transfer means include: lymphatic metastasis, hematogenous metastasis and direct invasion, also along the blood vessels, nerves, bile duct and other means of intraperitoneal metastasis, poor prognosis nerve invasion. It was through the transfer operation has been found in patients with gallbladder cancer, about 25% _75% by lymph node metastasis; more than half of cancer invasion to adjacent organs directly, the transfer order of their liver, bile duct, film, stomach, ten duodenum, omentum, colon and abdominal wall; about 1 / 5 of the patients were hematogenous metastasis; that the gallbladder was the most common way is by transfer of lymph node metastasis and direct spread to the liver, extensive tumor growth when the film over Mongolia , they can cause neurological and blood vessels around the transfer of cancer can be extended downward and cause bile duct obstruction.
Gallbladder cancer metastasis, another view, gallbladder were limited to only 6% of the gallbladder, liver infiltration by 83%, 38% of lymph node metastasis, invasion and perforation to the adjacent 42% of organ donors, including the stomach, duodenum , colon and peritoneum; distant metastasis were 38%, can affect the lung, bone marrow and kidney Department, more common in hematogenous metastasis; many patients with gallbladder cancer often can be found in the expansion of the Virchow supraclavicular nodule.

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