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Primary biliary gallbladder is the most common malignant tumor, the incidence rate of 4% of the body of cancer, ranking 5th digestive tract malignant tumors, at present, because no large epidemiological survey, so the incidence rate no precise reports. 1939, Dick reported that the incidence rate of 0.3% of all malignant tumors in 1964 Nassr-Esfahani and Bohme reported as 4.8% _10%, but most reported that the incidence rate of 4% _6%, with the accumulation of clinical experience, PTC, ERC, B ultrasound and color Doppler ultrasound, CT, magnetic resonance imaging and other advanced diagnostic methods widely used in recent years, the incidence of gallbladder cancer, tended to increase domestic scholars YANG Wei-liang in Heilongjiang Province for 15 years the incidence of gallbladder cancer survey, three 5-year period in the incidence rate of gallbladder disease, biliary proportion 1.64 percent rise to 2.28% and 2.08%, domestic gallbladder cancer incidence rate from 0.96% of biliary disease rose to 4.9%, the United States recently reported that the incidence of gallbladder cancer is 2. 2_2. 4 / 10 million population, indicating that gallbladder is not uncommon, but not rare.
The level of gallbladder cancer incidence has the following characteristics:
A gallbladder is with sex, age-related: the carcinogenesis differ between men and women, the literature the incidence of women who are more than statistics, the incidence of male and female ratio of about 1:3 _4 and, so domestic person that the high incidence of female gallbladder times the male 3_4, Leslie also believes that the incidence of gallbladder cancer more women than men, more than he thinks is due to gallstones in women with the rules, otherwise, the incidence of gallbladder cancer, and there is no difference between men and women , gallbladder cancer can occur in children, 89.5% occurred in the elderly over the age of 60, but some scholars have reported that sentence over 50 years of age accounted for 70% _85%, its a good age for the 50_70-year-old to 60 years old up to the age of 50 suffering from gallbladder cancer are relatively rare, there are data that patients over 60 years old cholecystectomy risk of gallbladder cancer in about 10%, more than 70 years about 11% had gallbladder cancer, gallbladder cancer in men who reported the highest age of onset was 70 years old, 80-year-old female, domestic scholars Shijing Sen in the gallbladder of a group of 3,875 cases pointed out the maximum age was 87 years old, minimum of 25 years, mean 57 years, although not fully consistent with various reports , but all that: gallbladder disease for the aged;
Second, there are some regional differences. For instance, China has reported the incidence rate of 1% of cancer incidence in India Gupat reported the incidence rate of 2.9% of total malignant tumors, gastrointestinal tumors account for 31.8 percent, England and Wales each year 2,000 men and 3,500 women died of gallbladder cancer, the incidence rate of the Indian national average of 6_8 times, while during the same period in the detection of biliary surgery was 4.1% _5. 6% In 1999, China reported 3875 cases of gallbladder carcinoma Dan Jingsen the same period accounted for 0.96% of biliary surgery _4.9%;
Gallbladder Third, is whether there exist other gallstone and gallbladder disease: findings from the epidemiological point of view, closely related to gallbladder cancer and cholelithiasis, 20% of the domestic data were combined _82% of gallbladder stones disease, compared with 54% _100% abroad, instead of gallstone patients in the combined 1.5% _6.3%, gallbladder cancer, gallstone foreign Leslie reported in approximately 1% of patients can develop into gallbladder cancer patients, he also noted that the information In an operation for biliary disease in 4.6% of those found to have gallbladder cancer patients, Leslie found that more than 65 years of age can be found in cholelithiasis surgery 10% of patients had gallbladder cancer, Glenn and Hays confirmed that the gallbladder is greater than 65 years patients the incidence of the gallbladder of 10%, so the majority of scholars believe that the incidence of gallbladder cancer and whether the level of the presence of gallstones on the same time; the gallbladder cancer mortality in a large series of reports are not many, of the 20th century, 70 years, the United States Approximately 6,500 persons die each year from gallbladder cancer, their mortality accounted for gastrointestinal cancer mortality in the first five. To sum up: the elderly over the age of 50, especially women, also have gallstones or other gallbladder disease, should alert the necessary inspections and follow-up time, seek to find more early gallbladder is a item is very important task.

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