Early manifestation of gastric cancer

By | April 7, 2012

Early manifestation of gastric cancer, the health hazards of one of the most common tumors, which can occur in any year, mostly in middle age to a maximum of 50-60 years, men's hair mixed high. Risk of gastric cancer in people, about 70% in the early no special feeling, and no obvious signs, so often unnoticed, once diagnosed, the most is the late, most of the lost opportunity for timely treatment.
However, cancer incidence, there are also early warning signals:
— Recurrent upper abdominal discomfort, pain or pain in the law of change, loss of appetite, stomach treatment fails and there by progressive increase, weight loss, anemia and other symptoms:
One by one, pantothenic acid, heating gas, loss of appetite, nausea, heartburn and diarrhea stomach navel, and tanks will appear black;
Eleven over 50 years, the past no stomach pain, stomach history of stomach short-term symptoms occur:
Eleven years ago, suffering from benign disease because of the stomach and did a good recovery after partial gastrectomy, recently took place indigestion, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, melena, health status was significantly impaired:
Eleven previous ulcer history and a history of gastritis, but recurrent symptoms, treatment is invalid and is increasing, and sometimes vomiting or mouth area Sushi and black blood, they tend to (including fecal occult blood test positive), it should think of the possibility of gastric cancer :
If the difficulties one by one to swallow, swallowing food chest pain, have food friction sensitivity, a sense of stagnation, the entrance should be suspected of having stomach cancer:
Abdominal fullness after meals if not one by one, towards the evening drinking spit, spit toward the evening eating, obstructive symptoms occur, the stomach should be suspected in the export of the Director of the tumor.
Early manifestation of gastric cancer, In addition, the following circumstances, should attach great importance to early treatment examination:
(1) more than 40 years of age or a few began to appear after the age of 20 in the upper abdominal discomfort or pain and there is rhythm, accompanied by significant loss of appetite and weight loss.
(2) patients with gastric ulcer rendering medical treatment through rigorous still no improvement in those symptoms.
(3) associated with chronic atrophic gastritis, intestinal metaplasia and dysplasia in patients who after medical therapy.
(4) middle-aged patients with unexplained anemia, weight loss and sustained positive fecal occult blood.
(5) family history of gastric cancer.
Early manifestation of gastric cancer, one of the above circumstances, it should go to hospital for endoscopy and biopsy pathology, cytology, and gastrointestinal X-Dayton, gas double to the cf video inspection to confirm the diagnosis, early found in gastric cancer, early treatment.

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