Diet nursing patients with gastric cancer

By | January 2, 2012

Patients with gastric cancer diet nursing process in the diet to patients in accordance with the guidance of a doctor a reasonable intake of food, nutrition aids the prevention of pressure sores. Cancer patients as well as the consumption of the disease after combined treatment increased physical consumption, and the body is weak, some patients suffering from gastrointestinal cancer eating difficulties in different circumstances there must be support to strengthen the nutrition and diet therapy. Nurses should work with nutritionists, family members of patients to formulate the patient's meal plan for patients with reasonable, adequate nutrition diet. Given high protein, high vitamin diet can improve and enhance the patient's resistance and tissue repair capabilities.
Gastric cancer patients diet care, once the pressure ulcers must be promptly dealt with, otherwise the infection will occur, will result in severe sepsis. The development of pressure ulcers can be divided into three phases, each approach to care is not the same.
1. Ulceration serious disruption of the venous return, local congestion caused by thrombosis, tissue ischemia and hypoxia. Light are shallow tissue infections, edition of liquid flow, ulcer formation; serious black necrotic tissue, edition of the secretions increase, the smell, and deep infection around the expansion of the can and the bone surface, and even bacteria invade the blood circulation caused by sepsis . During this period must be carried out surgical debridement, and timely application of antibiotics to treat the infection.
2. Extravasated blood pressure or ruddy skin of local stimulation by the wet, it begins to appear red, swollen, hot, Ma surgery, or tenderness, swelling and heat are also those who initially do not. Stand can be used to increase the number of nursing on the local cotton circle paving, to avoid rubbing, pulling, strengthening the massage, but it should not massage inflamed site.
3. Gastric cancer diet care and inflammatory infiltration of the inflamed area to remain under pressure, not improve blood circulation, venous obstruction, local venous stasis, pressure surface, purple, subcutaneous induration produced, the skin becomes thinner because of edema can be blisters, this time easily rupture, such as lax skin, exfoliation, to expose the wound moist rosy. For the small broken blisters should not be taken to avoid friction, to prevent rupture of the infection, local can be coated crystal violet; For larger blisters may be out of the liquid under sterile conditions, local painted gentian violet, and with a per fungus dressing over.

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