Combination of local and systemic cancer treatment principle

By | December 11, 2011

Combination of local and systemic cancer treatment principles, a great deal about the pathogenesis of malignant tumors and cell kinetics of experimental studies have shown that any one of malignancies are caused by one or more, under the action of Nod factors, so that normal human cell hyperplasia, anaplastic, and the malignancy, the majority go through a longer-term development and change process. From carcinoma in situ, and then spread to become invasive cancer, sometimes the long transition period of 5-15 years, in this long process, experienced a complex between the tumor and the host of the struggle. Here, on the one hand determined by the strength induced by Nod factors, the degree of malignancy of tumor cells and quantity; the other hand, depends on the body's defense against tumor cell invasion resistance. If the patient's age, sex, nutritional status of the body, endocrine and immune status. Therefore, how the development of a malignant tumor patients after treatment, the ability to obtain favorable treatment, the prognosis how, not simply the evolution of local tissue, but many integrated factors, body contest, and host of the last carcinogen result of the struggle between each other, can be had with the disappearance of the tumor, it can be a long stalemate, "a close call," or the tumor is better than the power of the body to increase the spread of the tumor.
Combination of local and systemic cancer treatment principle, which fight each other carcinogenic factors and the phenomenon of the body has been in clinical trials, tumor markers, detection of cellular and humoral immune changes in indicators has been confirmed. In this sense, cancer treatment from the outset, should be systemic, even some of the early malignant lesions in the treatment of locally, but also the whole body should also pay attention to defense and resistance of tumors to improve . Because no treatment methods are based on the killing of tumor cells, while the local is the most concentrated part of the tumor cells, metastatic spread of malignant cells are the body's source. Control of metastatic spread and local recurrence has an important role. For example, the treatment of leukemia, leukemia, although they are mainly systemic treatment, but decided in the local recurrence are the two key parts of the central nervous system, bone marrow and testis. Due to their structure and physiological function of the particularity of its decision during chemotherapy of leukemia cells into the shelter, the body of the tumor cells are controlled, in remission after the residue in the three parts of the leukemic cells continue to proliferate and and then by the local body, causing leukemia relapse. Literature suggests that recurrent lymphocytic leukemia (A II), central nervous system leukemia rate of 40% -50%, 30% incidence of testicular leukemia -40%, the treatment of leukemia patients although they are in the main body, but Local treatment also has an important role in prevention of recurrence. Especially in other tumors, of course, bone marrow transplantation for treatment of leukemia, the mechanism can also be said to the local, mainly because of mutations in stem cells derived from bone marrow, in the systemic treatment based on elimination of tumor cells, combined with local bone marrow transplantation can treat was more stable, the two have complementary roles.
Emphasize here that the attention focus from the body, not to say you can neglect the local. Combination of local and systemic cancer treatment principle, in the whole course of treatment still has an important role in local treatment. In addition, any cancer patients from the onset to symptoms, treatment, after a doctor's examination and diagnosis of lesions found, is to undergo a procedure, including patient self-perception of the process, but also understanding the process of cancer doctors, it can be said has been found and the clinical diagnosis of malignant tumors, has been buried in the body growth did not know how long. Some of the malignant tumor histology and fine observation that malignant tumors have been found clinically in 1cm3 volume when the number of tumor cells contained 109, if 5cm3 volume of the tumor, the tumor cells contained about 1010. People know the biological characteristics of cancer cells is the largest blood vessels around the lymph with invasive, not to mention a certain lesions in the formation of tumor cells with the beginning of the body's blood is closely linked to lymph. Therefore, the clinical diagnosis of malignant tumors has been difficult to rule out this time, with or without regional and systemic metastases. Should be said that the primary tumor in the tumor outside the tumor cells must already have a presence, albeit to varying degrees quantity only. In addition, each local body constituted by the unity of the whole, the process of development of the disease, local disease status at any time subject to the constraints of the body, while the development of local lesions is inevitable to affect the whole body. Therefore, the treatment of any cancer should follow the principle of integrating local and systemic, that can only fight for a good prognosis. Local and systemic treatment with the principle of subjective imagination is not made alone, this theory is put forward the concept of a large number of clinical practice has been applied and proven effective methods, is consistent with the actual treatment of cancer. Therefore, many cancer experts believe that it is in the treatment of tumors must follow the principles, and that the concept should be in the treatment of cancer and completely changes, we must focus on attacks from the simple to eliminate the phenomenon of localized lesions, turning attention to systemic and local The combination of organic and establish long-term prevention and treatment of subclinical metastasis and recurrence of the new concept.
Combination of local and systemic cancer treatment principle, we advocate the transformation of materialist dialectics to each other on the contradiction and the theory used in the treatment and prognosis of cancer research.

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