Chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer

By | May 5, 2012

Pancreatic cancer chemotherapy, generally, pancreatic cancer is less sensitive to chemotherapy, overall less effective, the previous textbooks rarely described in pancreatic cancer chemotherapy. Look at the past, how effective is chemotherapy? According to foreign data, a single agent, the efficiency is only 5 more than 5% of the hospital a little fluorouracil, mitomycin, chain gills adriamycin, cyclophosphamide gaze intently 4 different , and the effect of doxorubicin and other poor. 4 of those were 28% efficient, 27%, 36%, 22%, others, such as doxorubicin, a service of cyclohexyl nitrite, Changchun cool rubber, ammonia, a butterfly ridge, such as the effect of actinomycin and not 20%. This is a report of the results of earlier and later studies have shown that epirubicin is also about 20% efficient. Combination therapy, the overall effect is still poor, the overall efficiency of 30% or so. Which SMF (ADM ten chain gills of a fluorouracil mitomycin slightly +5 and Anhui) program effective rate of 43%, FAM (5 – fluorouracil slightly Anhui Adriamycin + mitomycin ten) program effective 40%, and the chain effect of a slight increase after ADM gland (48%). Even so, the combination therapy results cast doubt on the value, credibility is limited. Mainly due to fewer patients participating in the study, not systems. The reason is very simple to FAM program, for example, 15 patients were treated with this regimen, 6 were effective, we believe that the effective rate of 40%, but further increased if the number of cases may have only the original 6 cases were effective, then suddenly efficient to 6%.
Chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer, according to statistical theory, we must guarantee a certain number of samples in order to ensure the reliability of the results. Remind the reader, in reading the promotional materials of certain drugs, pay particular attention. The good news is, in the case study of gemcitabine a few more, most clinical studies found that gemcitabine treatment of pancreatic cancer are 25% -58% efficiency between the median survival about six months. More importantly, the patient's clinical benefit rate, that is, clinical symptoms and quality of life improvement, such as pain relief, reduction of anesthetic requirements, physical strength and weight gain. Of 3023 cases of pancreatic cancer patients were analyzed retrospectively, found that 18.4% of patients after 4 cycles of chemotherapy symptoms. Including 2380 cases with complete data life of patients with median survival of patients is about 4 — 5 months, 1 year survival rate was 15%.

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