Before surgery for pancreatic cancer

By | May 5, 2012

Preparation of pancreatic cancer surgery, because patients with pancreatic cancer tend to have yellow disease, body weight loss, anemia, malnutrition, liver dysfunction together with, and easy bleeding, in which case surgery is very dangerous, and the pancreas Cancer itself is not much longer in a few days. Therefore, in this case, should be prepared prior to surgery, that is, the treatment before surgery.
Pancreatic cancer before surgery to prepare mainly in the following areas:
1. To prevent infection
As a body is poor, and pancreatic cancer surgery is a great harm to the surgery on the human body, so treatment with antibiotics before surgery, treatment, pre-existing infection, but also the prevention of infection.
2. Reduce the yellow self-
Yellow Fever of the liver damage, and because of poor circulation of bile will have bacterial infections, so before surgery to drain the bile out of the body, the yellow plague to reduce, over time, such as pancreatic cancer surgery again two weeks later.
3. Strengthen nutrition
Because pancreatic cancer patients have duodenal parts of the obstruction, so things can not eat a smooth absorption into the intestines. Furthermore, pancreatic secretion of pancreatic cancer patients, therefore, I can not digest food, so pancreatic cancer patients often eat less. The consumption of pancreatic cancer is great, to the less, to much at once malnourished people, so to strengthen nutrition. Eat, have could not eat, and can only lose from a vein, such as glucose, amino acids, fat emulsion and the like.
Anemia can also be blood transfusion, not only can improve the anemia, but also because the input has a coagulation protein, the bleeding tendency improved. Strengthening nutrition can increase endurance, but also to accelerate the healing of incision after surgery.
Preparation of pancreatic cancer surgery 4. Hepatoprotective treatment
Since obstructive Yellow Fever and other reasons, lead to liver damage, and abnormal liver function, and therefore the liver treatment, the recovery of liver function.

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