13 anti-cancer diet What are the laws

By | March 31, 2012

Cancer is currently the greatest enemy of human health, there are about 600 million people worldwide every year die from cancer, of which about 130 million people in China died of cancer. However, cancer can be controlled. World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) summarized the world in cancer research in the field results, the broad scientific basis for diet and health from the 13 cancer prevention recommendations:
13 Act 1, anti-cancer diet. Reasonable arrangements for food: in the daily diet, plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains and beans should be accounted for 2 / 3.
2. Control weight, avoid too light or too heavy: the adult weight gain should not exceed 5 kg. With a body mass index (BMI) BMI = weight (kg) / height 2 (square meters) to measure. BMI less than 20 is underweight; BMI of 20-25, the ideal body weight; BMI of 25-30, slightly overweight and MI greater than 30, seriously overweight.
3. Keep your exercise program: If you work with little activity or only mild activity, every day should be about 1 hour brisk walking or similar exercise. And at least a week for 1 hour sweating strenuous exercise.
4. Eat more vegetables, fruits: should eat 400-800 grams of fruit a day. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, carrots, potatoes and citrus fruits strongest anti-cancer effect. Eat 5 or more fruits each day, and year round, have continued to anti-cancer effect.
5. 600-800 grams a day to eat a variety of cereals, beans, plant roots. The less processed the food the better. Eat less refined foods.
Law 6 of 13 anti-cancer diet. Do not advocate drinking: Even drinking, men should not be more than two drinks one day, women should not be more than a glass one day.
7. Eat red meat (ie cattle, sheep, pork) should not exceed 90 grams, it is best to eat poultry instead of red meat.
8. Less fatty foods, especially animal fats. Select the appropriate vegetable oil and salt, eat less food manufacturing facilities, the daily consumption of salt should be less than 6 grams (about it tM).
10. Do not eat at room temperature for too long, may be affected by mycotoxin contamination of food.
11. At refrigeration or other appropriate preserved perishable food.
12. Food additives, contaminants and residues to levels lower than the national rules of that is safe, but misuse or improper use may affect health.
13 Law of 13 anti-cancer diet. Pawing at the charred food, directly on the fire, barbecue meat, fish and meat or crisp, smoked if Seoul food.

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