Why is healthy is especially important for detecting early cancer

By | March 31, 2012

Cancer cells derived from human normal cells. Any part of the body's normal cells can be stimulated by external or internal cancer. Because cancer cells from normal cells change from the quiet. May be a gradual evolution, it may be a mutation. The process was very lengthy and difficult to be aware of. This is difficult to find cancer early.
Physical examination is particularly important for detecting early cancer, cancer treatment time sooner or later, the prognosis is significantly different. Early cancer is confined sad disease, using a local surgical resection or radiotherapy, can be completely cured. Cancer beyond the limitations of mid-range violation of expanding the scope of cancer or lymph node metastasis, need to adopt comprehensive treatment, such as large-scale surgery, plus chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immunotherapy. Even such a big move in the Ge, we can only cure some patients, five-year cure rate of 30% large organizations. Has been widely advanced cancer is metastasis, the cancer has spread along the blood flow in distant organs, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are difficult to work. In other words, the current level of medical technology, for advanced cancer, in order to eradicate the "Xinyou, is weak by."
At this point, we should understand this reasoning: early cancer is not terrible, because it completely Chuan two more this also reminds us that even if the surface looks very healthy and still have regular anti-cancer screening, all without the anti-cancer screening, do not blind credulity that they are healthy. Cancer is actually a large class of diseases, the course can be divided into four stages: of precancerous lesions, including some chronic inflammation, chronic anger theft, erosion, polyps, hyperplasia, generally it possible to go through 5-10 years evolve into cancer; latency, also known as hidden cancer or early cancer, up to 5-10 years; duration of symptoms, the patient began to have discomfort, such as swelling, pain, obstruction, ulcer, hemorrhage, tumor, etc.; consumption period, that is, advanced cancer, weight loss, fever, dyspnea, poor urine, not eating and so on, night cream can be said to have been patient.
Physical examination to detect early cancer is particularly important for people to beat the cancer, cancer cells must be nipped in the bud period, however, precancerous lesions and early cancer symptoms, the patient is difficult to discover for themselves that the only way is through the physical examination and anti-cancer screening. In recent years, anti-cancer strategy, the World Health Organization called on governments to put more money in terms of cancer prevention and screening, rather than spent on the treatment of advanced cancer. Because both advanced cancer cure and money, the state and families, will cause great economic burden and human waste.
Physical examination is particularly important for detecting early cancer, there is information from 1990-1995, total cancer mortality for the first time the United States decreased 3.1% decline in 5 years. This is because strong protection and promote smoking cessation and women, lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer mortality rate decreased significantly; the other hand is a household would be: show anti-cancer screening, found a lot of early cancer, to improve the cure rate of various cancers Charles City, the importance of matrix, the advantages, is obvious. It is ashamed that we overcome the demons of the key step.

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