The dangers of smoking on women

By | October 9, 2011

The dangers of smoking on women

I started smoking last winter, not being what the addiction, but a little dependent on the psychological, bother, when a person’s own time, sleep time, Internet time, painting time, after dinner when they are want to smoke, but do not smoke it is not hard by.

The dangers of smoking on women

The dangers of smoking on women

Changing times, causing people to constantly changing aesthetic, smoking has become a symbol of some avant-garde women in mind, it seems that smoking can make women look more “set in a successful and beautiful”, which is a “beautiful misunderstanding.” Medical research shows that women dangers of smoking a lot, play “cool” the price is extremely expensive. The following is the woman smoking affects the health and beauty points:

1, the impact of beauty: skin than non-smoking women smoking women to appear of aging, wrinkles whisper smoking women acquire less eggplant Church? Times, especially the two eyes, upper and lower lips and mouth at the wrinkles increased significantly. Harmful ingredients in cigarette smoke constantly against the blood vessels, resulting in nutrient malabsorption, making the skin aging, loss of elasticity and shine.

2, reduced fertility: smoking women susceptible to infertility. Smoking 12 or more per day for pregnant women, the abortion rate than non-smoking pregnant women than twice as high; premature smoking women smoking women, the incidence is twice that. Smoking will also enable women to early menopause an average of 3 years. 3, the impact of fetal: maternal smoking incidence of fetal malformation of their non-smoking women is 2-3 times. In addition, studies have shown that smoking during pregnancy on child physical growth, mental development and behavioral characteristics of at least extended to 11 years old. Smoking makes the milk secretion, nicotine also with the blood into the milk. This is a serious threat to the health of the baby.

4, susceptible to cardiovascular disease: smoking 1-4 cigarettes per day for women suffering from stroke more likely than non-smoking women made more than doubled, smoking more than five will have to more than 5 times. It is worth mentioning that, if women smoke while oral contraceptives, the risk of coronary heart disease is the possibility of female non-smokers 10 times. 5, susceptible to cancer: smoking female lung cancer risk 5.5 times higher than non-smokers, the risk of breast cancer 40% higher than non-smokers, the risk of cervical cancer than women who do not smoke 14 times ovarian cancer risk 28 times higher.
Female smoking – damages health and beauty

Smoking is harmful to health, it is an indisputable fact. It is certainly not particularly care for women, but only a deeper hurt them, because more women than men weak.

American medical experts has over 675 issued a report that a cigarette in modern life and the lives of the women’s health poses a serious threat. Report reveals shocking figures: 40 million people nationwide die annually of smoking-related diseases, in which women have occupied 39 percent increase in 1965 more than doubled. Even more serious is that many young women involved in the ranks of smokers. This report has not been able to address this issue for the people who sounded the alarm – the world every three seconds there is a female half die from smoking.

In 2000, the U.S. has 67,600 women die from lung cancer, 40,800 died of breast cancer, a difference of 2.7 million people. From 1950 to today, the women died from lung cancer has increased by more than 600 percent. Every five women in the United States one person smoking. Worse, more young women, that is, between the ages of 10 to 20 than 10 years ago women smokers increased by 30%. In the United States, 29.7 percent of high school girls with cigarettes become attached. 126,000 American women die each year from smoking-related syndrome, mothers of 3,500 infants die of smoking during pregnancy.

CPPCC National Committee, Union Hospital, Professor Chu Yuan-Jue told Respiratory: the sixties and seventies, the proportion of female lung cancer rarely, but now women significantly increased the number of people suffering from lung cancer, the most important reason is that increase in the number of women smokers. Chronic bronchitis, emphysema both respiratory diseases, 30% are caused by smoking.

According to experts, because women have reproductive system and birth characteristics of offspring, so their suffering more serious harm than men. In other words, smoking damage in men, all adapted to women, in addition, smoking has also brought many additional harm to women:

Smoking would be the next generation of respiratory adverse effects;

Smoking women the risk of ectopic pregnancy occurred 40% higher than non-smokers;

Smoking women than non-smoking women may be suffering from infertility 2.7 times higher;

Suffering from cervical cancer by 50%, because smokers are the lack of Langerhans cells in the uterus, and in the human body by a virus or chemical threats, such cells can enhance immune system function. In addition, smoking produces carbon monoxide inhalation pregnant women, combined with the hemoglobin, the oxygen input seriously affect the function of the fetal brain badly affected, leading to miscarriage or fetal hypoplasia;

Women smoking more than 20 years the risk of breast cancer increased by 30%;

Smokers eye wrinkles, and this is because smokers often find self to squint your eyes, falling into a habit, so that the formation of eye wrinkles, and volatile cigarettes a great stimulation of the eyes, the eyes closed when Zhang , leading to eyelid relaxation fatigue, loss of elasticity, the formation of bags under the eyes.

Black smokers skin, face gaunt, listless, because smoking reduces blood circulation of human skin, so that smokers of the upper eyelid or lower eyelid at right angles to radiation, cheeks and chin have deep wrinkles, some were also below the skin rough cheeks, a little gray and yellow or purple red, makes premature aging.

Smoking can make menstrual pain, bone fragility, urinary incontinence, the possibility of reduced secretion of breast milk significantly enhanced.

Smoking women suffering from early-onset rheumatoid arthritis the opportunity to almost double the non-smokers. University of Birmingham, Alabama, USA Ph.D., and colleagues analyzed more than 30,000 health records of women aged 55-69, found that women are still smoking, compared with women who never smoked, The former patients the opportunity to early-onset rheumatoid arthritis almost twice than the latter. Previously smoked more than never-smoking women have higher prevalence of opportunity, and those who quit smoking before participating in the study of women 10 years there would be no chance of falling ill increase of the phenomenon.

“China Medical Forum”, a survey showed that more than 10 pregnant women smoke daily, 44.8% incidence of premature children, non-smokers is 2 times. The United States’ Centers for Disease Control “is after 10 years of research shows that smoking during pregnancy and birth of the baby’s mother, 66.7% of birth weight less than 2500 grams, so that the baby survived mental retardation or dementia become are far more likely. The British scholars of the survey more than 60,000 women found that smokers, pregnant women with congenital defects in infants of smoking probability are much greater than the average person.

Smoke in the women’s dancing tongue and heart, the kind of light and spicy taste, so that women enjoy feeling the pain brought about by the elegant, some people have described such a scene: exotic coffee, single woman, coffee , one being a lighted cigarette – this is a strange landscape, the landscape is a sensual and intoxicating. Represents a lonely romantic, romantic despair, hopelessness and graceful, elegant destruction. It is this complex emotion surrounding cigarettes around the female charm that tell Road, unknown female psychological characteristics of a great support.

However, the naked figure, amazing “love” in the process of female smokers are exposed to the enormous punishment cannot imagine. Damage to health, there is no beauty, there is only a passing mood, dear women, and what do you choose?

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