Period blood clots with white tissue

By | December 1, 2014


Years ago I was told that she had small ovarian cysts, but no major problem. Being in my menstrual period drove out two small lumpy telitas carrying a blood clot in the end, the pieces were small and no odor. Do not know if it’s part of cysts that is an unexpected abortion. I thought not pregnant, but most likely it was.


Menstruation occurs due to the elimination of the unfertilized egg. The uterus is preparing to welcome the new being, but when fertilization does not occur the endometrium and the egg is removed, these strips you see is endometrial tissue. When you delete a large clot, suspicious characteristics,  you wear a glove procedure or something similar you take it and you squeeze, if dissolved is a clot and you should not worry if it does not dissolve can be an abortion. But these strips is endometrial tissue and is absolutely normal.
Now, if you see that the bleeding is heavy and leaving many clots should talk to your gynecologist. I hope you serve Once we were patient concerned therefore came and took the sample of what was removed, as told him and showed him it was not a blighted egg or something. You must be quiet and look at the features that you remove these clots