Pancreatic cancer staging and treatment options

By | October 14, 2011

When the tumor is confined to the pancreas, no local lymph nodes and vascular invasion, and despite the number of cases of pancreatic cancer accounts for less than 10%, but the possibility is a potential cure, so treatment options for pancreatic cancer surgery is the first choice;
However, about70% ofpatients after recurrence, postoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy plus adjuvant therapy is necessary to improve patient survival might be useful.
Tumor local invasion, the loss of the opportunity to surgical resection, joint radiotherapy and chemotherapy are treatment options for pancreatic cancer, research shows that: combined radiotherapy and chemotherapy superior to single chemotherapy or radiotherapy; the group of pancreatic cancer patients accounted for 25%.
Tumor metastasis and health permitting, chemotherapy is the best anti-cancer treatment pancreatic cancer treatment options, aimed at palliative treatment can improve patient's quality of life.
Poor Physical or aging patients with pancreatic cancer surgery or chemotherapy can not afford body like this, you can opt for conservative treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with taking Chinese traditional medicine for a number of highly targeted, such as the West, Pill , the patient's condition can play a good control effect.

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