Advanced pancreatic cancer can live long

By | October 14, 2011

Advanced pancreatic cancer long to live either? This is what many patients and family members of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer concerns. Experts believe that, for advanced pancreatic cancer can be long to live either in the end this problem is difficult to have clear answers, pancreatic cancer is a systematic process that involves many factors, in general, survival of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer how long , depending on the adequacy of treatment and the patient's physical performance, mental health and family care. In addition, patients with advanced pancreatic cancer and their families learn more about the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer knowledge, and physician communication on the extension of survival with advanced pancreatic cancer will certainly help.
Advanced pancreatic cancer are the main factors affecting long to live either treatment and physical condition of patients. Late because it is not surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer not too sensitive, in general to righting the strengths of Chinese medicine, such as taking some Sanjie Xiaoliu cataplasm , recovering from treatment-based, global and local phase combination therapy, patients can survive with tumors.
The adequacy of treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer is related to long to live either in the most important factor in clinical treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer are chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine. In view of the side effects of chemotherapy on the human body, in the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer Chinese medicine treatment can be combined to play a synergistic role attenuated. For the transfer of a wide range of physical properties of the weak, has been difficult to tolerate chemotherapy for advanced pancreatic cancer, conservative treatment can be carried out in medicine, of course, no short-term effects of chemotherapy significantly, but the long-term effect in reducing pain and improving quality of life, extend life forever cycle has a significant role.
In addition, the patient's body to improve the performance of advanced pancreatic cancer is also a relationship can be an important factor in long life, physical performance, immune system strong to resist the development of cancer, tolerance of a variety of drug treatment. Therefore, the progress of the immune performance and enhance force to resist the tumor is extremely important for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. In the diet, pancreatic cancer patients should eat foods with anti-cancer analgesic, such as walnut, bitter gourd, malt, etc.; should eat anti-inflammatory foods such as olives, plum, green beans, bitter gourd, etc.; avoid oily and fatty foods .
Because patients with advanced pancreatic cancer prevalence abdominal distension, poor appetite topic, so the daily care and use of food to more easily digestible, frequent meals, if a living are still capable of self-care, to encourage patients to do more things within its power to remove patients the fear of disease and psychological burden. But the long-term intake of less nutrient poor appetite easily cause weight loss, fatigue, decreased ability to resist, at this time are often not able to do chemotherapy, can be combined with Chinese traditional medicine for a number of highly targeted to control and conditioning (eg: Ganoderma lucidum spore oil soft capsule, anti-cancer flat pills, capsules Cidan, Kang Lixin capsule, asparagus capsule, etc.) can be reversed by enabling cancer cells to normal cell differentiation, cell cycle regulation of tumor cells, immune regulation and repair of cancer chemotherapy patients damage caused by four mechanisms to achieve the anti-tumor effects in clinical patients with advanced pancreatic cancer on extended life, reducing patient pain and improve quality of life of patients, play an important role.

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