What is radical surgery of pancreatic cancer

By | December 23, 2011

About 70% of pancreatic cancer in the head of the pancreas, pancreatic body and tail of pancreas cancer is relatively rare. No distant metastasis, primary tumor and lymph nodes did not infringe the importance of intra-abdominal blood vessels, such as portal vein, vena cava, abdominal aorta, pancreas mesenteric artery, vein were allowed to carry out radical surgery of pancreatic cancer.
However, the location deep in the pancreas, blood vessels around the many important to accurately determine whether the surgery can be curative in the abdominal examination required to be decided.
The classic radical surgery of pancreatic cancer, called Whipple surgery, that pancreaticoduodenectomy. Proposed in 1935 by Whipple, used in clinical improvement after one after another by the surgeon, is still known as the Whipple in surgery, surgical resection include: pancreatic head, uncinate process, gastric antrum, duodenum all, upper jejunum, the total lower bile duct and local lymph nodes, also including the gallbladder be removed, including those to be re-line the digestive tract jejunum and pancreas, jejunum and the bile duct, jejunum anastomosis with the stomach to do. Whipple surgery for abdominal surgery one of the most complex operation, requiring patients who have a wealth of clinical experience, currently a high level hospital mortality can be as low as 5% or less, it is recommended that this surgery patient preparation line to select high-level hospital or a professional sections of the large Cancer Hospital.
Radical surgery of pancreatic cancer, pancreatic body and tail of relatively rare cancer, pancreatic tumor near the head of pancreas and pancreatic head resection method of the same surgical technique, pancreatic body and tail of the pancreas near the tail or the possible pancreatic tumor and spleen resection (pancreatic tail and spleen blood vessels cross-linked, simple removal of the spleen retained tail of pancreas, spleen likely to cause necrosis, so many will be removal of the spleen together with the spleen) while the corresponding range of lymph nodes removed.

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