Specific characteristics of tumors and cancer

By | January 4, 2012

( ) , The specific characteristics of tumors and cancerous tumor characteristics: uncontrolled (autonomous) abnormal proliferation, invasion and metastasis of cancer also has the ability; Most tumors can spontaneously evolve (progression), the performance is irreversible, but under the right conditions the phenotype of the tumor can be reversed; phenotype of tumor cells there is considerable heterogeneity (heterogeneity), in shape, metabolism, differentiation, proliferation, antigenicity, invasion and metastasis ability and almost no two identical tumor cells; fusion of tumor cells and normal cells produced by cancer cells lose their phenotypic characteristics, suggesting that the tumor phenotype recessive (recessi-ve) genetic pattern; tumor cells in vitro can be infinitely (immortal, immortality); tumor cells in different species of animals in vivo transplantation (transplantation); almost all cancer cells are not stable genome (genetic instability); solid tumor karyotypes of almost all of aneuploidy (aneuploidy) of nuclear type, chronic myelogenous leukemia in blast phase with karyotype aneuploidy of; all the tumor cells showed abnormal differentiation even between change (anaplasia).
The specific characteristics of tumors and cancer in the cancer characteristics: In addition to the few viruses that cause acute conversion of cell transformation process, the cancer is a long process, months or even decades, can generally be divided into Several stages: hyperplasia (hyperplasia), atypical hyperplasia (atypical hyperplasia), benign and malignant tumors; monoclonal origin of most tumors (moloclonality); tumor incidence exponentially with age; cancer is a small probability event.
Although the specific characteristics of tumors and cancer exist in many areas, but the nature of the tumor cells in abnormal proliferation, which is mainly embodied in the concept of the evolution of the tumor. 20th century, 40 years, J. Ewing made over the tumor is an autonomous growth of new tissue. 1967 RA Willis will be defined as a tumor mass, and its surrounding normal tissue growth and inconsistent, and in the absence of stimulation able to induce retention and growth. Teaching of medical undergraduates to the tumor pathology is defined as: Body in a variety of cancer-causing factors, the local tissue cells to form new creatures dysplasia.So far, although the researchers somewhat different definition of the tumor, but have stressed that the tumor is an abnormal cell proliferation independent of the disease.

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