Imaging diagnosis of craniopharyngioma

By | April 9, 2012

According to the typical clinical manifestations, imaging features, endocrine examination can make the diagnosis, including imaging diagnosis of craniopharyngioma is particularly important.
1. Craniopharyngioma CT performance:
lesions in the saddle and (or) within the saddle. There are two types of the cyst type (80% – 90%) and solid type (10% or so).
calcified cyst or solid mass accounted for 80% – 90%, patchy, dot-like or arc-shaped, eggshell of.
cyst or solid mass or mass showed ring enhancement, cystic areas are not strengthened.
tumor broke into the third ventricle, left ventricle can cause expansion.
2. Craniopharyngioma MRI Performance:
suprasellar cistern round or oval lumps, a small number of irregular-shaped mass.
lesion as cystic or cystic-solid phase-based, a few can be solid.
Tl-weighted was low or mixed signal, Tz-weighted high-signal-based, with a low signal area.
oppression of the optic chiasm and third ventricle, resulting in bilateral lateral water.
Imaging diagnosis of craniopharyngioma enhanced MRI, the solid part of the tumor showed homogeneous or heterogeneous enhancement, cystic part was shell-like enhancement.

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