How Western medicine treatment of acute diarrhea

By | March 24, 2012

The treatment of severe acute diarrhea, dehydration should first check the extent of serum electrolytes, glucose, when these values must first be found to correct abnormal.Western medicine treatment of acute diarrhea, on the other hand, to the cause that led to the treatment of diarrhea, one should first identify non-infectious diarrhea and infectious diarrhea.
(1) non-infectious diarrhea: the sleep of diarrhea caused by cold, nervous diarrhea, diarrhea caused by overeating, usually of the moment, through diet or check against therapy, taking medication to cure diarrhea. However, during the period of diarrhea, try to avoid coffee, tea and caffeinated drinks, caffeine is a diuretic, it will be removed from the body of water, causing dehydration, if accompanied by nausea, vomiting, using some sugar in drinks and salt, to add to the body's electrolyte and the loss of sugar and water. Choking eat light, easily digestible food should be eaten, such as rice, starch, and beat dry bread, applesauce, soup and yogurt and other food. Foods high in fiber, fat and spicy food made it worse. Some people think that yogurt is a kind of spicy food, but they are wrong understanding, yogurt contains a lactic acid bacteria can help digestion and absorption, followed by its nutritious, contains lactose has been destroyed, it does not produce any problems.
(2) Western medicine treatment of acute diarrhea, bacterial diarrhea: in serious condition, fresh off a few days used, method of delivery of intravenous nutrition to maintain intestinal quiet, serious application of antibiotic treatment, in general, or less, usually as long as the rice After no diarrhea, abdominal pain, as much as possible to avoid eating spicy food or bowel movements hyperactivity (such as cold drinks, etc.) of food. With less fiber, low-residue foods, low fat foods, try to limit sugar intake.
(3) diarrhea virus: the virus that causes diarrhea, a major cause of viral diarrhea, mostly into the coronavirus, or rotavirus caused. After intestinal viruses, so that the new film intestinal hyperemia, edema, cell infiltration, shorter microvilli, decreased secretion of digestive enzyme function, and exudative diarrhea caused. Usually about 1 week duration, poor patients can be up to 2 weeks duration. Oncoming acute viral diarrhea, disease is short, is a Chinese medicine evidence category.
(4) antibiotic-associated diarrhea: also known as antibiotic-associated colitis, pseudo-type colitis. With the popularity and widespread use of antibiotics, followed by frequent diarrhea or vice enteritis. Broad-spectrum antibiotic use to the ecological balance of intestinal disorders, bacteria change, resistance to Clostridium difficile spores bacillus overproduction, resulting in diarrhea or colitis causes intestinal toxins, including ampicillin, clindamycin up to see the elderly should be particular caution. According to reports, the application of antibiotics the incidence of diarrhea and colitis up to 10%. The reason is that in the treatment of the disease process, because of lower body resistance, a large or long-term use of antibiotics, resulting in intestinal flora, resulting in diarrhea, abdominal pain, toxemia as the main feature of the disease. Disease mainly affects the colon, involving the sigmoid colon. Application million western city of vancomycin, metronidazole treatment slightly, etc., easy to relapse after drug withdrawal.
The disease caused by the application of antibiotics, so we should strictly control the indications of antibiotics in order to avoid cross-infection. Multi-antibiotic treatment of diarrhea in 2-3 weeks or withdrawal symptoms and drug dose and route of administration has little to do, stop or while taking vancomycin treatment, can condition improved rapidly, and this is one aspect of diagnosis . Western medicine should immediately stop using antibiotics, and symptomatic and supportive care, correction of electrolyte imbalance, lipid-lowering test to the 2nd ene resin glue or oral. Severe cases can be oral vancomycin, metronidazole can also be applied a little treatment. Patients after surgery for cancer, because cancer patients affected by cancer, consumption, coupled with the trauma of the surgery, patients with reduced immunity, is prone to antibiotics in patients with diarrhea. So cancer patients after surgery should minimize the application of antibiotics.
(5) short bowel syndrome (small intestine after resection of a large number of diseases, such as small intestine, etc.): rupture caused by trauma, tumor suppression or the occurrence of torsion, bending, running blood disorder caused by the small intestine, large areas of necrosis into the state. In this case, small bowel resection of more than 70% sometimes. Once the removal of the small intestine of jejunum-based, moisture, nutrient absorption by the on behalf of the rest of the ileum. Although no severe malnutrition, can cause vitamin B, cholesterol, bile salts, fat malabsorption. In addition, the excess can also cause the secretion of gastric juice increased, resulting in the digestion and absorption can not be serious. Excretion of its symptoms is a day 7_8 times, or 2 liters more serious diarrhea. This period must be fully parenteral nutrition. When the diarrhea more than 2 liters per day, gradually giving water, carbohydrates, protein and medium chain fatty acids with different components of nutrition business. A little bit from the mouth to feed people, to grow accustomed to. When the consumption of fatty foods is not specifically a period of diarrhea, can gradually add a small amount of fat in the food, the use of medications to control gastric secretion (anticholinergic drugs) and intestinal movement, while diarrhea, while natural food habits of the patient, this is called nutritional rehabilitation treatment volts. During this period more than the control food containing lactose (milk) and oxalic acid and more food, such as spinach, beets, strawberries, figs, black tea, cocoa, chocolate and so on.
(6) Western medicine treatment of acute diarrhea, acute diarrhea with antidiarrheal agents Note: Impressions of acute diarrhea patients and non-infectious collection of points, infectious diarrhea, mostly emerged in the intense heat associated with intestinal symptoms. While also corresponding diarrhea with antibiotics and symptomatic law. On the other hand if the non-infectious diarrhea, because almost all substances on the intestinal wall intestinal abnormal stimulation, so do not Yigai diarrhea, first eliminate the cause of diarrhea caused by intestinal material, if necessary, and then taking antidiarrheal agent.

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