CT examination note

By | April 16, 2012

CT examination note, 1. CT detailed medical history before the examination and shall inform the CT examination of various medical test results, if your stored information such as X-ray CT to be handed over to doctors for reference.
2. To the doctors that the patient whether the medication allergies, whether suffering from asthma, grass Ma Yan and other allergic diseases.
3. Remove the check parts of clothing, including underwear with metals and various items such as hair, hairpins, earrings, necklaces, coins, belt and keys and so on.
CT examination note 4. Abdomen scan were, in the CT examination 1 week before the contrast agent can not do Dayton; the first 3 days can not do other types of imaging abdominal organs; the first 2 days against laxatives, Eat fruits, vegetables, beans products and other residue, easy to gas to food.
5. CT examination follow the guidance of technical staff to maintain the fixed position, with checks to quiet breathing, breath holding and so on.
6. If the children do CT enhanced scan, confusion, needs to have a healthy accompanied. Should be accompanied by staff dressed CT X-ray protective clothing.
7. CT contrast enhanced scan, such as with domestic agents, intravenous contrast agent to be shy to do allergy testing, 20min after no response, only to be checked.
CT examination notes, 8. CT machine is equipped with walkie-talkies, checking in any discomfort, or abnormal conditions, shall immediately inform the doctor.

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