Check auxiliary diagnosis of lymphoma

By | April 15, 2012

Check auxiliary diagnosis of lymphoma, 1.Blood early general non-special.Anemia seen in advanced or combined hemolytic anemia.In addition to white blood cells than normal bone marrow involvement, eosinophilia toHDcommon.
2.Bone marrow bone marrow were not lymphoma prior violations, generally no exception.Bone marrow smears in HD,Reed-sternbergcells found valuable for diagnosis.
3.Biochemical ESR tips to speed up the disease is active; progress of the disease when elevated serum copper and ferritin, decreased remission; sad contrast.Elevated alkaline phosphatase may have a liver or bone much tired.May be associated with liver involvement were also5 -nucleotide enzymes increased.Hypercalcemia prompted a bone violated.
4.Immunological abnormalities in patients withHDand other stimuli on the original tuberculin reactivity decreased lymphocyte transformation in vitro reduce the rate, extent and disease progression.
5.Biopsy are essential for the positive diagnosis of the screening method.General should be chosen under the neck or axillary lymph nodes.
6.Mediastinoscopy mediastinoscopy can be entered by extrapleural mediastinal biopsy, more simple and safe.
7.CT, magnetic resonance and ultrasonographic examination can be found in intrathoracic, retroperitoneal, mesenteric lymph node lesions and the liver and spleen lesions.
Diagnosis of lymphoma secondary inspection, 8.Laparotomy examination can clearly spleen, liver and abdominal lymph node involvement, radiation therapy is usedtodetermine the essential radiation field (pathological stage). If both do splenectomy can also be to avoid the spleen in radiation injury to nearby tissues and organs.

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