Breast self-test method

By | April 15, 2012

Breast self-test method is simple,andcan be in getting up, sleeping, dressing, bathing hours.Experts recommend the followingthreekinds of breast self-test method.
1.On the mirror method:
The first step is facing the mirror, hands on her hips, generally observed shape of the breast.
The second step is arms over their heads, carefully observe both sides of the breast shape, contour or without changes; the breast skin or without anomalies (watch for redness, superficial venous engorgement, skin folds, bucket leather-like changes, etc.); observation of the nipple whether the same level, whether there is elevation, retraction, depression, abnormal discharge from the nipple with or without overflow, areola color have changed.
Third, put down his arms, hands on her hips, elbows to back, so that the chest muscles tighten and observe whether both sides of the breast contour, symmetry, nipple, areola and skin with or without exception.
2.Lying supine touch method to take the firstrightarm over their heads, and a small pillow in the right shoulder Xiadian so right breast flat.Four fingers close together and then left palm with the tip of finger check whether all parts of the breast lump or other changes.Check in three ways:
One is a clockwise loop test method, which uses four fingers from the nipple area to start from the inside out check ring;
Second, is the vertical strip test method, which uses four fingers fingertip examination of the entire breast from top to bottom;
Third, is the mode shape inspection method, which uses four fingers radially outward from the nipple check fingertips.
Fourth, is to use the same method to check the left breast, and to compare the differences between left and right breast.
Finally, with the thumb and index finger gently Jinie nipple discharge and is transparent, if any, or bloody shall report to the doctor.
, Breast self-test method 3.shower test for the shower, because the skin moist breast problems more easily found.Method is to use the palm of a finger tip of finger sliding slowlyandcarefully check all parts of the breast and axillary have mass.

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