Treatment of cervical erosion

By | April 27, 2012

Treatment of cervical erosion, cervical erosion, Mi is a drug house frequently-occurring disease of women and common diseases. Especially married women have given birth, almost 60% to 80% have different degrees of cervical erosion. Cervical erosion can cause increased vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse or blood, often back pain, menstrual disorders, infertility. If not treated seriously, a small number of precancerous lesions of the cervix may occur or cervical cancer. Therefore, women should be regular gynecological screening. More severe cases should be timely and thorough treatment.
Cervical erosion available drug therapy, physical therapy can also be used (such as electric coagulation, electrocautery, freezing, laser, microwave, etc.), women Po Ning is the first choice drug treatment. "Women Po Ning" inflammation of the reproductive organs with a variety of powerful anti-inflammatory effect. Products in use, because the body's temperature and humidity so that the products have a very strong adsorption, Palace of the epithelial tissue can fall off, the cell necrosis virus gore pathogens and bacteria in the vagina completely wipe out all the dirt in vitro.
Cervical erosion is a manifestation of chronic cervicitis, mainly refers to the cervix in the vaginal mucosa completely stripped, exposing the bottom of the rough tissue surface, such as ulcer-like, no epithelial cover. The cervix is usually seen in the vagina of a circle of varying sizes, or the scope of the irregular surface of the red area covered by a single layer of columnar epithelium, under which capillary congestion and edema, glandular atresia, or the accumulation of viscous purulent secretions, surface often has red red, uneven.
Cervical erosion treatment, cervical erosion, sexual confusion and not pay attention to the menstrual period health is the three risk factors for cervical cancer. Therefore, the Palace of Mi and cervical cancer are closely related.
The most common cause of cervical erosion is a chronic inflammatory. Chronic inflammation may form a basis for the intrinsic carcinogenic, cancer-causing factors in favor of the invasion, leading to cervical epithelial cells and cervical cancer. But should be noted that, chronic cervicitis and cervical cancer are two distinct diseases, whether it will become cervical cancer is still a lack of evidence. On the other hand, Mi Gong is a manifestation of early stage cervical cancer, cancer itself is of such erosion. Therefore, early treatment should be to rule out the possibility of cervical cancer. The Palace of chronic cervicitis caused by Mi, it should be actively treated.
Cervical polyps are caused by chronic cervicitis another expression, because the long-term stimulation of chronic inflammation of cervical mucosa proliferation of local and from the base to highlight the cervix, mouth formed. Such polyps can be one, but also more than the size of the general, such as soy beans vary in size to the color red, smooth surface, a hundred-shaped, soft and crisp texture, touch the easy bleeding.
We often hear doctors say patients with mild or severe cervical erosion, which is an area the size of the doctor according to erosion, and the cervical erosion into mild, moderate and severe. Specific indexing method is:
Mild (I ): is the erosion area of the cervical area of less than 1 / 3.
Moderate (II degree): is the cervical area of the total erosion area of 1 / 3 to 2 / 3.
Severe (III degree): refers to the cervical area of the total erosion area of 2 / 3.
The prevention of cervical erosion enhance self-protection first, the strengthening of health knowledge, learning, abstinence, pay attention to sexual health, spouse or other illnesses if the foreskin is too long to be treated. Note menstrual hygiene, sanitary and hygienic without pads failed to maintain the vulva clean and avoid sex during menstruation, if found to have abnormal situation, we must promptly to the hospital, the disease eliminated in the initial stage.
Treatment of cervical erosion, cervical erosion and cervical cancer because the incidence of a certain relationship, so check the erosion area other than by observing the size, type, hardness and form of the cervix, the more important for cervical smears, cytology to identify early cervical cancer, colposcopy may be necessary, the take a little cervical tissue for pathological examination, more contribute to the overall differential diagnosis of the two.

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