Righting tumor drugs

By | October 28, 2011

Righting tumor drugs: In cancer patients, although surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy is still the primary means of treatment, but there are still some disadvantages, surgical resection only visible to the naked eye mass and lesions on the transfer into the blood, lymph powerless in the diseased cells, for tumor recurrence in patients with planted a "security risk", radiotherapy and conventional chemotherapy will bring patients severe side effects, so that the immune function of patients suffering from varying degrees damage and reduce the patient's resistance to diseases and self-repair capabilities, residual tumor cells create the conditions for the resurgence. Therefore, in order to minimize the damage during cancer treatment, the tumor is often clinically righting conservative drug treatment.
Righting tumor drugs: cancer righting drugs – "An Kangan breast tumor" series of drugs, as a national broad-spectrum anti-cancer product, its unique mechanism of targeted drug delivery, can make the active ingredients of drugs highly concentrated around the diseased cells, such as "long as the eyes," directly to the lesion site, without injury case of normal cells, super infiltration of tumor cells to the lesion a strong role in the killing, but to cut off the tumor cells nutrient supply route, degenerative necrosis of the cancer cells, inducing tumor cell apoptosis; can inhibit the formation of tumor cells to prevent cancer recurrence and metastasis, in the short term you can play to kill cancer, the dual role of tumor suppressor.
Righting tumor drugs: cancer righting drugs – "An Kangan breast tumor" series of anti-cancer drugs used for various high-tech production, so that drugs can kill cancer cells play in the short term, inhibit cancer cell generation, not only can play quickly and efficiently kill cancer, tumor suppressor effect, but also enhance the patient's immune function and stress capacity, a fundamental adjustment in patients with body constitution, strengthening and restoring the integrated use of the advantages of drugs, improve patient quality of life and prolong survival time of patients.

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