How advanced gastric cancer drugs

By | October 30, 2011

Treatment of advanced gastric cancer, advanced gastric cancer Chinese medicine treatment is a national "Eighth Five" cancer research focus of the research content, clinical Fuzheng Anti Granules II, gastric cancer 249 cases were randomly divided into the TCM group, chemotherapy group and Chinese medicine plus chemotherapy group, the results chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine significantly improved quality of life in patients without surgery 1,2,3 year survival rates were 73%, 53%, 23%, with a median survival of 13.4 months, while the chemotherapy group were 40%, 23% 3% and 6.1 months; vitro and in vivo animal studies also confirmed that the party has the dual function of righting and cancer. Clinical than 100 cases reported are: safety capsule for the treatment of advanced gastric cancer can be liver cancer and 258 cases of esophageal cancer, RR 7.4%, can significantly relieve pain and improve quality of life and improve immune function. The credibility of a large study, but evaluation of 3 tumor mixed with its shortcomings. Statistics in recent years chemotherapy group and clinical study of long-term follow-up report 8, the total number of cases> 600 cases, chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine group 1,2,3,5 year survival rates were 82% -89%, 62% – 77%, 30% -65%, 12% -39%, 42% higher than the pure western group -88%, 27% -68%, 6% -48% and 0% -15%.
Advanced gastric cancer drugs, it is worth noting that a small number of reported pure Chinese medicine treatment gastric cancer 1,2,3,5,10-year survival rate as high as 89.2%, 77.4%, 65.3%, 39.1% and 7.8%, while the chemotherapy control group 88.2%, 68.4%, 43.7%, 0% and 0%. However, the above are single center studies have reported findings efficacy of Western medicine control group higher than the current international best effect, seems to lack sufficient clinical evidence. Advanced gastric cancer drugs, in advanced gastric cancer, the international multi-center, randomized, clinical study of a large sample of conclusion: combination chemotherapy of advanced gastric cancer was 40% -60% RR, with a median survival of 8-10 months, if More than this effect, you can reach the international advanced level. Chinese study should prompt attention to clinical evidence, simple Chinese medical treatment or medicine plus chemotherapy in advanced gastric cancer is worth more than the national organizing forces, large sample, randomized studies to confirm this.

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