Bile duct cancer adjuvant

By | April 28, 2012

Cholangiocarcinoma secondary drugs, bile duct cancer in patients treated according to the case of a patient's own early with surgery, but relatively easy to relapse after surgery, cancer patients must pay attention to after surgery to prevent recurrence. Side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy is very large, and not effective for every patient, it is proposed to be consolidated with drug treatment. Now is the preferred treatment for medical treatment, the preferred treatment is the "anti-cancer pill flat" and "West Pill", the two drugs are drugs pure traditional Chinese medicine, easy to take, without any side effects. Control the disease in combination can play to prevent metastasis and recurrence, prolong survival time of patients with tumors, the role of quality of life.
The principles of Chinese medicine treatment of cholangiocarcinoma, broadly in line with gallbladder cancer the same treatment principles, the main method is also used to open Sanjie Yu, heat phlegm and spleen Diuresis.
Cholangiocarcinoma secondary drugs, anticancer drugs in cancer therapy is an important system, particularly with long uninterrupted oral controlled inhibition of cancer cells, so in effect in the treatment of cancer can not be replaced. But the choice is cancer drugs treatment of the most tricky issues, the expert, there is no good or bad drugs, is symptomatic of principle. used symptomatic, arsenic is also a good medicine; not widespread symptomatic, ginseng is also a poison. Today a lot of anti-cancer drugs, attendant problem is drug abuse.
Cholangiocarcinoma secondary drugs, the physical condition of patients is very special, drug selection must consider the positive effects and toxicity of the balance, on proper multiplier, but will have to master not harm normal tissues, and even many patients because the treatment is ultimately The toxic side effects have serious consequences. So this seemingly simple drug problem, often a part of the most worthy of scrutiny. cancer treatment worldwide is still not completely overcome the problem, the patient must not listen to some drugs exaggerated publicity and some irresponsible pharmacies and small clinics mercenary recommended. sure to seek medical treatment had cancer, listen to the recommendations of doctors so that patients can avoid detours and spend less money wasted, the most important is that patients receive timely and effective treatment.

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